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what the ********.
if she has no idea about what sex is, she obviously isn't ready.
Jesus. You want to have sex with a 12 year old?
12! That'd be like...sexing a vice in a workshop.


yeah, really. You both are too young. Give it up for now.

i agree besides i dought a 12 year old is ready for sex
its not legat till your both 17.

lucky you... in Cali was have to wait till 18. not that it really stops much tho.
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15 is how old i am

dude... arent you both a little too imature for that... since she doesnt even KNOW what sex is talk2hand
I like sex.
It means she's too young and you shouldn't even bother if you need to ask a question...

you never refer to it as a question...you have to do a series of actions that lead to it
ur u freakin perv!!!: mad a 12 year old cetily is NOT ready for something like that you should be ashamed that ur trying to take avantage of a 12 year old..youre both a digrace and a disgusting excuse for a boyfriend OR a human!!!!! you sicken me!!! evil u shouldnt even think about that to her!!!!!!!you dont deseve to be human, seeing as your a PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like sex.
THAT'S SOOOOFF TOPIC!! this @$$hole want sex with a 12 year old!!! scream disGUSTING!!!
Ama Ebi
what the f**k.
if she has no idea about what sex is, she obviously isn't ready.
you are soo ******** RIGHT!!!! rofl finnaly some gets wat im sayn rofl
This is disgusting, stick to masturbation, that's what I do. sweatdrop
She is only twelve.
You sick ********]
yea don't do it, if you really care you'll wait.

You wanna have sex with a 12 year-old?

i'm a keep at you u ******** perv!! scream I can't STAND guyz like YOU your a class i like to call DIRTY MOTHER ******** ASSHOLES WHO DON'T DESERVE TO BE HUMAN!!!!!! evil YOU STILL ARE A DISGRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!! mad YOUR A STUIPD MOTHER ******** PERV TAKIN AN ADVANTAGE OF AYONG RECKLEES GIRL!!!!!!
Go play in the streets with a blindfold on.

That'll be the most amazing experience you can ever have rather than sex with a 12 year old.

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