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Well, if she doesn't really even know about it then she probably would not be interested in it at all, especially if she's only twelve.
That is a horribly young age to have sex and I strongly advise to not even ask her about it.
Think about how awful it would be for her to get pregnant at that age
There is a chance she could get pregnant, and the chances of the baby arriving as most would call "normal" would be slim.
And honestly, if she wants to have sex, she would have made it obvious by now.
Most girls do that.
In your situation..... ew don't she's three years younger than you and it sounds like your just horney. On gereal principal it just happens, you don't ask! It should be sponatiouse like a first kiss. You don't ask if you can kiss a girl, you just do it.
if she doesnt know much about it, shes not ready.
good question :O
1st off, there is no "good" way to ask a girl for sex. I personally think thats rude & disrespectful, not to mention belittling.
girls need to feel like were special to you, & even if sex is a special, intimate thing, your too young. Even i know that and i'm only 14[15 in 20 days!!! smile ]

Also, she doesn't know much about it, so you defiantly shouldn't.

The best thing to do is, even tho this is repeating everyone, WAIT!!
It's okay to ask her, but you really need to make sure she understands what she's getting into. Age 12 puts her at what... 6th/7th grade? Most "sex ed" classes by then have barely covered that part of your anatomy, if they've been offered in the school at all.

In my opinion, middle school is way too young to be having sex. In fact, I think even up to freshman year is a little too young. Generally speaking, I think it would be safe to say that most girls are not ready for sex at that age. Speaking from my own experience, even when I was 15, I wasn't ready for sure. Between 15 and 16, I probably would have said no if I were asked outright, but (despite being slightly uncomfortable) allowed it if my boyfriend at the time initiated it physically.

My (current) boyfriend waited until I was comfortable initiating it myself (17 years old, and 5 months into a loving, supportive relationship), and I really appreciate that. I'm not going to pretend we didn't mess around before then, but I think having actual intercourse is a delicate and emotional decision for a girl. Again, I can really only speak for myself, but I doubt anyone truly forgets their first time (unless they're drunk or something, but I doubt anyone would forget THAT either). It's important that she be able to look back on it without any regrets.

That said, I can understand how you feel, being a bit older than her and all... I think it would be best for both of you if you let the intercourse wait, and trying other ways of pleasing each other. Of course, it should always be a mutual decision, that BOTH of you are completely comfortable with (AND FULLY UNDERSTAND), no matter what you decide. smile
I guess legally you wouldn't want to do that... but well, no one really hears to that. the best way to get her in bed is by not asking her.
Freud always said that sexual desire comes since you are young, every one knows that, and I'm sure she does know that, if you are plaining in going down with her, remember to use a good condom, and if she doesn't want don't force her, and if she do want it make sure to think twice before say- "Ok let's do it in my house" because your mom will beat your a**... I guess Gorbor gave a pretty good way to make the move.
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wow......ok umm u should wait till she knows a little somein somein and then ******** her.......or teach to her yourself
YUck... xp
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No WONDER why 13 year olds are having babies!!
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i've always really really wanted to have sex with my girlfriend. but i don't know how to ask her. If i'd ask her on a sleep over she'll laugh at me. but she's 3 years younger than i, i don't really know how to ask her... and she hasn't learned anything about sex, she barley knows what it is. how should explain to her about sex? can i have some help please? thank u

i have no clue but hope u figure this one out

You don't ask, it just happens.
Don't ask her at all until she knows what it is, and is ready. If you do it now, you'll regret it if you really love her.
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dude your sick
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You need proper grammar and spelling before sex is to be considered.
Seriously, how old are you?

15 is how old i am
your dating a 12 year old and you want to have sex with her? you sir are pathetic...

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