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Jesse Troy II
Self discipline and practice.
Pretty much. Or, so I think. I'm not sure how easy or hard it is for someone w/ ADHD to have self discipline.
GS Sailor Midnight
Jesse Troy II
Self discipline and practice.
Pretty much. Or, so I think. I'm not sure how easy or hard it is for someone w/ ADHD to have self discipline.

I have ADD and dyslexia. I repeated the 1st and 2nd grade because of it.
You just have to force yourself and practice.
It's hard, but anyone can do it if they try enough and don't make excuses.
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Oh, oh, how can you be good enough?

A doctor told me I had ADHD when I was 18. I never did anything for it though.

Where most of my educational issues came from my learning disabilities in math and science that are rooted from my Turner's Syndrome. Besides extra help with the right tutors and teachers there wasn't much that could be done. Simply leaving me to my own devices never worked and tended to frustrate me. I needed someone else to keep me focused and not frustrated in order to get anywhere. Unfortunately I was only able to learn for the tests and then eventually forgot most of it as unless I use something daily I will forget it. My learning issues affect everyday life. I use a card instead of counting change because I am that person you do not want in front of you- I take forever to do simple math. I cannot get a cashier position and at one place I was demoted to bagger instead because I was that slow. My memory has issues as well. I could never take orders..... I'd mix it all up.

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How can you measure up?

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Kinda hard when you wanna do the schoolwork but feels like its physically impossible.
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I don't have ADHD so I don't have this problem.

I'm just a lazy ******** so I never get schoolwork done.
Not have ADHD
Took me years to develop a system so that I can function at work and daily life.

I want to do ALL the things and I get so flustered when I have so much stuff on my desk and I don't know where to start.
I prioritize what needs to be done first, and put the little stuff away so I don't have to look at it until I need to deal with it.

I write EVERYTHING out. I use sticky notes for everything, and I re-write it again in a journal so I can keep track of the s**t in my head.

I create patterns and I follow them daily.
I also like to start things from the end and work my way to the beginning; if I need to answer questions on a paper or work off of a list, I find it easier to start from the bottom and work up. I dunno why, but it helps me not stress out, haha.

I still have a real difficulty with expressing myself and trying to sort out my thoughts before I start talking. Often I talk my thought process out, and people look at me like "What the ******** dude" because I'm not making any sense. It's really difficult for me to try and reiterate information and explain things to people, because I don't know how to communicate it so they understand. I like to draw pictures or use my hands to try and explain what I'm talking about.

I'm also on a medication that really helps me stay alert and focus. It's pretty much like speed, lol.
It's the only medication I've ever taken that hasn't given me serious side effects, and it's non-habit forming so I can take it whenever I want, and I won't get sick if I don't take it for a while. I love this s**t.
I remember going through all of that in high school.
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I have ADHD and was on medicine for it until about a year ago. I just have to force myself to pay attention. I still get distracted a ton, but if I'm interested in what I'm actually doing I'll pay attention better. 3nodding
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I just wouldn't do it or leave it to last minute.
* get a planner and write your weekly plans for the week.
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Thanks for the advice everyone! I shall read and reply to all of them individually now xD
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I have ADHD as do many members of my family and what I have learned from my experience is that prescription medications do not help at all as they are constantly trying to up the dosage and the medications have terrible side effects which a doctor will just tell me that I will have to deal with it or will prescribe me more medication to counter the side effects which create more side effects, so on and so forth. To shorten that up, long ago I quite taking medications for ADHD.

What helped me was changing my diet. Its not so much that sugary foods harms us since our body knows how to deal with it, but its more that foods with High Fructose Corn Syrup can effect the human body greatly and the worst part of HFCS is that our bodies do not notice it as a natural chemical but an unnatural chemical and so it does not only make people more hyper but it also causes people to become ill. So, taking out sugary food and drink helps, but taking out products with HFCS can help even more. Of course sugar is natural for us to consume and the sugars we get from fruits help us.

Also, it is my firm belief that ADD and ADHD does not exist. Some people are just gifted with a great amount of natural energy within the body and mind and actually people with ADD and ADHD are known to be highly intelligent however it does not usually show up in academics because most things that are taught in school are not necessary for advancing the mind. When something seems like it does not apply to me, then naturally I am more likely to ignore (not reject) it where as when something does apply to me and will further me in life then I display more interest in the subject. The problem that I have is staying focused on that subject (which I am generally more focused in but still have some issues with it) and I tend to have those problems when I consume unhealthy foods especially in unhealthy amounts which happens because unhealthy foods have no nutritional value and therefore the body continuously feels the need to consume until it has all the nutrients it needs which does not often happen so unhealthy foods create constant hunger. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and rejecting soda pops, commercialized breakfast cereals and pop tarts, and what ever food items have little to no nutritional value and HFCS over a long period of time can and will help.

That's what I have learned and I do hope you look it up and try it out. Of course I am not a doctor, so I can't tell you to stop taking any sort of medication. That's just something I did in secret and it shocked a lot of people when they noticed how much healthier it made me. Good luck!!

I've actually read that before in a Yahoo article and ignored it. Sweet stuff just taste so good! heart whee How much did a healthier diet help? I already avoid soda and junk though. But for weight purposes haha In college, I found that my attention span got way worse 'cause I was more stressed than I used to be.
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Murder. Lots of murder. Keeps the mind sharp.

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