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just silly dance to techno..or something.
You move your body.
All I ever do is sway my body in public, and in private I do this weird little spins a few times.
you just move you body to the beat in what ever way is most comfortable for you 3nodding
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Just move your hips to the beat and move naturally to the song. If you find it hard then just copy what other people are doing.
Watch BET.


The soulja boy is way easy, I can teach you. lol
Like a b***h....! exclaim
pelvic thrusts.
Like this bear.

He will show you the waaaay.
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Like this bear.

He will show you the waaaay.

Lawlz. You should totally dance like that xD

But really, whatever feels comfortable to you. Maybe you could consider dance lessons for future reference? Or just be like my boyfriend and avoid all dancing. xD
Move your body to the beat.
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Move ya body to the beat.

If you can talk you can sing,
if you can walk you can dance :3
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Go to a rave.
It was awkward my first time for the first hour or so.
But once a lot of people showed up, you realize no one else knows how to dance either.
You just let loose & let your body go with the music.
It's one of the most wonderful experiences ever.


Uhm... Wave your arms in the air like ya just don't care?

Shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake your bootay?

Okay, I'm done.

It really depends on what KIND of dancing you wanna do. I suggest ballroom. 3nodding

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