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kt kawaii
I don't bother decorating crap right now. When you live in your parent's basement.. you just don't care. XD We're moving out after the new year, and I've got a few things made, and bought, that are in the garage. I want to make sure I have *EVERYTHING* when we move. We lost quite a bit in our last move, we only were able to make 2 trips.. :/ So lost about half of our belongings.
Oh I'm sorry to hear that. It always sucks to lose things important to you. sad
I hope the new move goes well, though. heart

Yeahhh.. I doubt any of it was things we couldn't live without, obviously. XD We took most of that on our first trip, but we only got half of the truck full of our stuff before my mom's boyfriend started throwing his junk in.
Thanks, it should for the MOST part. My parents will be wanting to oversee it and claim everything's theirs though. dramallama
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i know it sucks when you can't paint walls because you rent. i think paint makes the biggest difference of all. i would be so happy if we could paint this place (and change the carpet too).

there's things like wall art/decals though that at least can liven up a room some besides the typical stuff (shelving, rugs, drapery, photo frames, etc).

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Feminist Barbie
kt kawaii
Feminist Barbie
kt kawaii
Feminist Barbie
In the year and half we've own this house we've painted two bedrooms a nice neutral shade, took out the pink carpet in one of the upstairs bedrooms and moved the cat tree to the window. On and I had him put three vases up on a weird alcove thingy by the ceiling. The most decorated room in the house is the computer room because he finally wore me down about putting p his ICP posters and then a couple more posters. I'm just glad he's weird about posters and had the framed so at least they look nice for pieces of paper that creeps out our zombie and Jurassic park loving niece.

On of these days we're changing the lavender paint in the upstairs bathroom, the orange-red in the downstairs bathroom, doing something about the half blue half yellow in the basement living room and those colours make the white of the rest of the basement just plain creepy. Two bedrooms and a hallway just white. But she painted the bathroom an orange-red hue only found in a crayon box. Maybe we'll do something about the blue paint in the top of the kitchen that use to match four of the five walls in the bedroom before we redid it. That last wall in the bedroom, green. Why? I have no ******** idea, the lady was crazy.
That's cool, if I were to paint the walls in my apartment I'd probably go for a nice calm green. The walls are kind of a yellowy white right now... and it bugs me. *sigh*

The weird part about the green wall was that it was so close in colour we didn't even notice until a couple months in. Of course after we noticed it really stood out.

We're not keeping this place though so there will be no wacky colours. Neutral colours are better for reselling a house.

I hope we get the acreage outside of town that we want. It's the boyfriend old family farm that they sold when he was like 11 or something. Well over a 100 years old for the main part, rock foundation and made from the timbers they fell on that very land.

The only thing the current owners have down is updated a bathroom, painted a couple walls and changed the type of flooring for part of the house. The carpet on the stairs are the same ones from when he was a kid. So it'll be nice to get to play with that. I'm thinking of getting some exposed beams put in the ceiling. And other then making the room useable, I don't want to touch the old master bedroom. I want it to be a nursery so badly.
Aww, that is so sweet! I really hope you do get that place. smile

Ditto on that.

So what's it like renting?
It's not bad, but like I said I can't really change anything about the place.
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Dolce Rogue
kt kawaii
Dolce Rogue
I wanna buy an apartment and decorate it the way I wan it to. It's gonna be expensive, though.
It really depends what kind of apartment you get and what kind of things you get to decorate. When you look for a place to rent, it's always cheaper if you find one with a roommate or just rent a room in a house. But that way the whole place isn't yours, so if you're looking to have your own place it might be a little more pricey.

I want an apartment in the city. Minimalist style.
So yeah I just... I think it'll be expensive. I don't want any roommates either.
A single apartment in the city could be pricey.
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My parents are re-doing the kitchen floor...

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