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I'm short, and I've only ever dated someone shorter than me like...once in my life, I didn't have a problem with it, but it was a bit strange. He was probably 5' or something. I do, however prefer taller. My last ex was a full foot taller than me.

I'm about 5'2 or so and my fiance is 5'5. Not that much of a height difference. We're both short. I'll laugh when our baby turns out to be tall. :]
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A guy being shorter than me is one of my few universal turn offs.
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I'm 5'6" & my Fiance is 5'5".

It's not that much of a difference and it's hardly noticeable.

The only thing I'm not looking forward to is this December is my Granny's wedding and I'll be wearing like...three? inch heels. I'm only used to wearing my one inch boots. I'm gonna trip and kill myself... No big deal. Lol. But yeah. They make for a major height difference and I don't like it. They scare me really. Lmao.
I'm 5'7''. I'd prefer guys my height or taller, which is good because most of them tend to be that way. The closer to my height, the better. I wouldn't say no to a shorter guy just based on height, though. If he had an awesome personality and was a good person, by all means. =)
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I prefer tall guys (6'), and I'm 5'3''.
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I'm 5'2 and 23...and a guy, so I can assume my height is a major turn off to a majority of women.

My preference is a woman who is 5'4-5'6 in height but in all honesty, it makes no difference in my decision on whether or not I date someone. They could be 4'6 or 6'2, wouldn't matter to me smile
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I like guys who are 6 ft tall or taller.

From hell's heart, I stab at thee.
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I'm 5'5" and 3/4 :l bawls. But anyway, I'm only into taller guys. Gimme a boy who's 6'4" and lanky, mmm. 6'4" is the perfect height in my opinion.
[Too bad my boyfriend is like, 5'10" haha]
I prefer taller guys since I am already short as it is. I wouldn't want short children.
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my boyfriend is 6'3" and im 4'11". Im a short s**t, but he says he loves it. He says its hot and he likes that he can easily throw me around and what not.
I however, kinda dislike it. Dont get me wrong I love going to the store and being like "hey cute guy, wanna reach this for me so I can look at your butt lol..." but other then that I dont like it. We can never ******** standing up, unless Im wrapped around him. When we first started dating I felt awkward when hugging or kissing because he always had to bend down and I always felt like it made him uncomfortable. He says it doesnt, but I have my doubts.

Why do guys like shorter girls? I never got that...
I need to date people taller than me. >.>
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Most of my girlfriends have been significantly shorter than I am. 4'11, 5'0, 4'12. So I guess I like short girls.

For reference I'm 6'5".

I dunno if it's already been said.
But it bothers me.

4'12 = 5'0
I like the guy to be taller than me, which isn't difficult because I'm almost 5'4". I don't know how tall my boyfriend is... he's about that same height than me. Probably a little bit taller. But I'm not sure because I haven't seen him since June.
I"m 6'1'' and find that most men won't date a woman who is taller than them. I tend to go for guys that are around my height, and I don't mind if they're a bit shorter than me.
I"m 6'1'' and find that most men won't date a woman who is taller than them. I tend to go for guys that are around my height, and I don't mind if they're a bit shorter than me.

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