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Way to just disgrace your parents by changing the name they thought long and hard about for you. What a slap in the face to them. emotion_facepalm

Not everyone has parents that think long and hard about their kid's names. My mom and dad didn't even think about my older brother's name until he was born.

I agree with this.
To add on to it, A couple lost custody rights for naming their kid "Talula Does the Hula" in New Zealand, even though the kid was from Hawaii..Some other names that the judge has stopped/allowed include:

"In his written ruling, he said names such as Stallion, Yeah Detroit, Fish and Chips, Twisty Poi, Keenan Got Lucy and Sex Fruit were prohibited by registration officials.
Others that were permitted included twins called Benson and Hedges, other children called Midnight Chardonnay, Number 16 Bus Shelter and, the judge added, "tragically, Violence". Another mother tried to use text language for her child's name,"

Source: 2008 Custody battle
Not all people should have kids, not all people should name them.

And did her mother name her this? No. Your argument is completely invalid. Her name is Meridian. A pretty name for a pretty girl. It's immature and selfish to change your name when you're from a healthy household and you have a wonderful name.
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Another article states that the reasoning was "Because we wanted to name the child after it was conceived. Poor kid.

See A Roman Pick Him Up

There's several of those around here. One even has a sister named Breezy Knights. There is also an "Austin Powers", after the movie, though I think she changed her name recently. I blame all the hippies around here.


I'll agree that my reply was a exaggeration, but to her, she may not see it as much, or share your values on the matter. A name is something your parents give you, yes, but it is also a representation of who you are. I don't see anything wrong with changing your name if you feel that it doesn't fit who you are as a person, A parent tries to find a name that they think will suit the kid, but like everything, sometimes it doesn't work out.SHE is the one that has to live day to day with that name, NOT her parents.

I wouldn't change my name personally, because it's a hassle, but I have thought about it. My name isn't common, but it is bland. Very bland, to the point where people remember my face, but never my name, and end up calling me whatever they think is close. Most attempts don't even have the same letters. I'm that "HEY you, George, Bob, whatever your name is, come here!" kid.
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I hear changing names is hard though... at least thats what my mom acts like stare

The process is tedious and relatively costly, but it isn't hard by any means. I could answer any questions you may have about it, since I changed my own name legally some time ago.

It shouldn't cost that much though...right? All I need to do is get rid of my last name since I have neither of my parents name... Shady b*****d -__- And since the chances of me getting married or close to none I don't think I want to wait that long...

It usually numbers in the low hundreds. My court filing fee plus the newspaper advertising fee plus the birth certificate copy I needed plus the new I.D. card I had to pay for brought the total to $215.00 USD.

Also, I should add that the cost will likely be the same no matter how much or how little of your full name gets legally switched over; it could be a minor spelling change or a full-on first-middle-last change, and the cost will be the same. Having said that, I can safely say that if you're pondering getting the whole thing re-done, you'll really be getting your money's worth.

Wow thanks. That's not as bad as I thought. I want to get my name changed now so that when I get my driver's license and pass port, and anything else with my name on it, I won't have to worry about getting all of that changed too.
I wish I could change my name, but my parents wouldn't let me even though I'm 18.
tukk mii bout 5 freekin dayys
dat was da worsest dayys 0f mii lyf3

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