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a*****e broke my heart before my birthday and used me for two years without making me orgasm.
I was blinded by the fact that I thought I would be with him but he still thinks he's guna be with his ex.
Pushed a lot of pretty girls out of way to be with some trashy girl.

ah see . unfortunately, i was in the same boat as you .
i was blinded by the thought that 'he only likes me, im his special girl' etc.
and the ex is in the picture ?

im sorry you went through this
but im glad you're not anymore

Yeah, it's a "curse" to him cause she was his only ex. Only love I suppose. And he said it was s**t timing when I asked him. Dunno how that works but whatever.
It makes me feel weird cause I still have a feeling that he's itching for me. Like we were friends with benefits and the other day he was setting me up with a friend of his because he was interested in me. Anyways, he was bringing up the point that he was horny. I kind of questioned that how he knew that he was. He went into detail to his friend about my... a** and tits. (he's fascinated with them.) So i kind of question that. Maybe his friend got excited and told him. That doesn't seem normal to me. Like a guy wouldn't go up to his friend and be all like, 'yo man. I'm so horny. omg.' I don't see that unless there bi. No offense. >.<
Not a good move on his part though since him and his girlfriend love each other and they've been dating for a week. Not even. Pathetic... rolleyes

yeahh, see . makes no sense .
there was no point in even doing that .
and s**t timing my butt . that's a common excuse they use .
but of course he is ! he thinks he can get you get again
and he's gonna try .
as far as the thing with his friend, im a bit iffy at that .
so your feelings about it are right on point ..
and in love after a week ? PSSSH .
he probably wants you to be jelly or something .

He couldn't think of a reason why it was s**t timing.
and, i know right?? It's ******** pathetic. I told my boyfriend that when I was 14 i loved in the first week of my relationship lolololol.
and im totally jealous of a girl who looks like she has herpes on her lip and looks trash.
b***h please.
and if he tries to get me again, im just going to shut him down.
he doesn't deserve my a** that he's so obsessed with.

yeahh, see .
that's where you get him .
LOL . i've only used that word once to someone
im a bit tricky about it haha but i totally understsand
AND OMG YES ! the girl my ex left me for
looks like a girl version of snoop dogg ANNND she got three kids .
his reason ? 'cause i live in california and she's in texas'
[he's in the army and his base is in texas] like wtf . ><
and guuurl, shut him down down down ! LOL .
and no he doesn't .. but maybe i do ? [;

lololol snoop. nah doe, its snoop lion now.
three kids? um. if i was him i would of left and never looked back.
;] yeah? maybe.