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well come on
i hate the stereo type impression from my country,
that hanging out with other guys while having a boyfriend is CHEATING.
as if we"re doing anything other than hanging out at the mall unlike others
they would be like " oh that b*tch is with another guy, let's call her bf so that he'd know."
Can anyone be so dumb to think so stereotypically stupid?
Lots of people have that mentality, unfortunately. It's dumb as hell and anyone who thinks that way pretty much has no business being in my life.
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I hate that.
I got a lot of that when I first started seeing my husband, if I went over a guy's house my friend was telling him I was cheating on him. If I talked to another guy at a party, he was being told I was cheating on him.
Like wtf.
First of all we weren't exclusive so even if I was doing something it wasn't cheating.
And second of all why can't a girl have male friends and it just be that?

I had a best guy friend from 8th grade till I got married (for some reason he stopped talking to me) and I would have sleepovers at his house and talk to him all the time. We never kissed or anything else relationshipy or sexual, just true friendship.

I think it should be perfectly ok.

Why people think if you're seeing a guy it has to be only that guy in your life until you break up just baffles me
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Well I thank that says more about the trust two people have in each other more than it says something about society in general.... Or maybe society in general just doesn't encourage trust... Though to be fair I didn't care at all that my ex hung out with other guys and she ended up cheating on me.
Lol my aunt hounds me for spending the night at my guy friends' houses. She gets all "What does your bf think of that?!"

My bf is just happy there's a roof over my head somewhere and I have a safe place to crash instead of wandering the streets drunk. xd

I always let him know where I am anyway, and he knows if he has a problem, it's easier to tell me than to sulk about it.
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dont you know? Every single straight man and women with a functioning libido can't be friends, much less spend time with each other without secretly wanting to ********. It's scientific fact./s

And the sad thing is, I've seen way too many people actually agree with the above.
My best friends a guy. We've seen eachother through all our relationships/break ups. Some boyfriends were jealous and others had no issue whatsoever. None attempted to stop me being friends with him though.
I honestly rather hang out with men then women because of less drama. If your boyfriend doesn't have a problem with it then other people don't have the right to complain. I don't really have a lot of friends of either gender. So, my boyfriend actually encourages me to hang out with his male friends just so I can have some friends or people to hang out with. They're good people and he knows that nothing is going to happen between any of us. I get a little jealous when I see him around other girls but I trust him enough to know he won't cheat on me (That's probably what everyone said before getting cheated on). He's a gentleman, not player.
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I Shall Give You NoMercy
dont you know? Every single straight man and women with a functioning libido can't be friends, much less spend time with each other without secretly wanting to ********. It's scientific fact.

And the sad thing is, I've seen way too many people actually agree with the above.

There is however a seperation between our desires and wants and what we actually act upon, it's what seperates up from the animals. We dont have to act on impulses, but we know they are there.
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in general, I don't think its good to harbor jealous feeling in any relationship, feeling that way should be a signal to check yourself

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I quit my last job because of this. There were a couple of male coworkers I liked to talk to on my lunch break. Rumors started going around that I was sleeping with them because I talked to them on breaks? Lol. Okay. But yeah, I was getting pissed off because even after getting into an argument with some dude who was saying s**t about it, and getting him fired over it, people kept talking s**t. So I was like 'eff this, this job is NOT worth my boyfriend overhearing this crap', so I just stopped coming to work.
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Frankly nobody should be treating someone they know in a relationship like their unfaithful just because they still hang out with other people. Keep that s**t up, and they''re going to give in to their suspicions and jealousy, and it's going to get really Shakespearean up in your love life. Except they won't kill you. They'll just leave you and destroy something beautiful they had. But it WILL be their own damn fault.
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People are like that.. its stupid. You can never have peace. Especially if youre on a social media site and a guy comments on something and then youre boyfriend overreacts UGH

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