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Do you think it's acceptable for a guy to hit a woman?

Yes. 0.12068965517241 12.1% [ 14 ]
No. 0.46551724137931 46.6% [ 54 ]
Depends, what'd she do? 0.41379310344828 41.4% [ 48 ]
Total Votes:[ 116 ]
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It's not acceptable to hit anyone. Regardless of their sex.
It's not acceptable to hit anyone. Regardless of their sex.

I generally take this stance, but sometimes a dude just needs to be punched in the d**k.
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Le Visage Inconnu
brutal palm tree massacre
Le Visage Inconnu
What are we, in kindergarten? I can't believe we need this question answered. If you're not acting in self-defense, then it is a moronic response. If a guy can't think about the situation to come up with a way to verbally handle it, then how intelligent CAN he be?

What if the woman gets physical first? There's only so much words can do when someone's swinging arms at you.

then just leave. doesn't take a genius to figure that one out. if she's abusive, then why would you stay in that relationship?


How emasculating!

no. it's "oh you're hitting me, i don't have to take this, find some other idiot to deal with your issues because i won't tolerate your disrespect". If you're going to hang on comparing the size of your d**k to your girlfriend's lack thereof, you deserve her hitting you. if you don't let go of her, you won't find a better girlfriend. if she hits you, who cares what she thinks?

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