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Do you think it's acceptable for a guy to hit a woman?

Yes. 0.12068965517241 12.1% [ 14 ]
No. 0.46551724137931 46.6% [ 54 ]
Depends, what'd she do? 0.41379310344828 41.4% [ 48 ]
Total Votes:[ 116 ]
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hurting people when you don't need to is wrong. hitting a woman in the face with a lead pipe b4 she lifts an automatic firearm to kill a bunch of children? sounds right to me.
Hitting somebody is never okay, unless it's a slap from outrage or disgust or something. But, a guy hitting a woman should be okay. These days, the girl is well protected anyways, so the guy is probably gonna get either peppersprayed or Krav Maga'd in to the hospital.
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Off course not.

Who's actually going to sit there and say that it's okay for guys to hit girls - or the other way around?
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Not acceptable, because it's not acceptable to hit anyone regardless of gender or what happened. :/
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equal rights, equal fights.
If she's a b***h and the hit is soft to teach her a lesson cause she hurt someone, that's ok. If it's in an abusive relationship, that's bad...

I guess BDSM is also ok... usually that's consented and considered a fetish.
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Only reason someone should be hit is in self-defense, regardless of gender.

Or if they're into that kind of thing.
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This should be interesting, there was just a thread a girl made where she said she punched a guy in the face and broke his nose and at least half of the people who replied said that it was okay for him to be physically assaulted like that.

In my case, it isn't okay. That girl should've just ignored it instead of punching the dude and all that stupid crap she did.

OP, I think if guys shouldn't hit girls, then girls shouldn't hit guys. But if girls can hit guys, then guys should be able to hit girls. I am not all for abusive relationships though, I'm totally against those. I'm not saying, "Oh guys can beat the s**t out of girls", I'm saying guys can punch a girl if a girl can punch a guy.
Sorry if some of you get offended.
EDIT: Violence isn't okay, so in both cases, girls hitting guys/guys hitting girls isn't okay either way.
Don't write a check with you mouth that your fists can't cash.

Yes, I think it's acceptable for a man to defend himself against a woman. I have no qualms about hitting a woman whatsoever.
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I believe that a guy has the right to hit a woman if, and only if, she hit him first. Otherwise no, it's not ok to hit anyone.
Depends on the context.

If it was a play fight? Sure!

If a person was being a total jackass to the other? Then it kinda gets grey for me. I am a huge believer if you threw the punch first, you definitely get to get hit back. But then again you ARE covering yourself in the name of the law. You know. Self defense.
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if she physically attacks him first then it is justified otherwise there's no reason to hit a woman no matter how much of a b***h she is being. xD
Guy's shouldn't hit girls, but I'd say they're well within their right to use 'Reasonable Force' to get you to stop beating on them...

I do think it's bo/l//ks that girls can get away with hitting guys but not the other way round...
I mean, If that Jodie Marsh thing was beating up a guy, I'd fully expect the guy to hit her back, She's a machine...

Ahh...I keep changing my mind on this one...But that one retard that said 'YES' to you're poll should just be shot for being a f///king idiot.
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Yeah basically what happened in the other thread was that some guy said something that the girl (who made the thread) found really offensive so she walked up to him and punched him in the face and broke his nose. He didn't do anything at all that could be considered to justify self defense on her part, yet at least half of the people who replied to her in the thread said that she was justified in what she did to the guy.

Yeah, and then there was the thread a guy made about how his girlfriend went psycho on him and threw a live cat at him, and pretty much every female that posted said he got what he deserved.

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In defense, fine go ahead.
In retaliation for being acerbic, no.
I myself wouldn't hit anyone unless I knew someones life was at risk. This constant assumption that men should have to give women extra rights just for being a WOMAN is sexist chivalry. Chivalry has and will continue to be sexist.

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