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Only in large crowds am I ommetaphobic. I'm dealing with my fear of insects and its kinda working out...still cant really touch the things. Also, I can't really say that I'm afraid of needles, I just hate them with a firey passion.
dentist and doctor
all the insects not include spider/fly/mosquito
cat/stray cat
horny ppl<most of them r guys>
im not really afraid of anything, but some times im afraid of girls......the 1's i know can be pretty scary
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I have a fear of disease, germs, feet, people, love, the future, past, & present.
Old people.
The Dark.
Being in a room by myself.
The telephone.
Being Forgotten.

I HATE spiders and all types of bugs! I mostly fear sharks.

I have a mild fear of falling, but not while in aeroplanes.
Being alone in a quiet room and not able to see. Either by blindfold or no light.
Spiders and insects. And the fear that I'm being watched. I also have a touch of claustrophobia.
i fear heights, spiders, and any type of bug that has no legs or to many legs.
Roaches! I hate them! Whenever I see them I run right away.
Also needles, the thought of metal into my body makes my hairs stand.
Elevators and airplanes.

funnily enough im scared of cockroaches but not deadly things like snakes etc
I fear social situations, living forever and ruining my life.

Um... I'm afraid of needles, and the idea of infinity.

absolutely phobic of needles....

I broke my back last year, and my two guy friends who were visiting had to hold me down so they could draw blood to test for internal bleeding....

Um clowns.... geh...

And looking out windows at night....
I fear the combination of darkness and silence, when they're seperate I'm fine but when both are happening at the same time I just get a feelin that sumthin bad is gonna happen.

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