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I HATE spiders and all types of bugs! I mostly fear sharks.
I fear social situations. Oh, and vicious dogs. Sometimes change and death.
I fear time. Sometimes I don't have enough to do what I want.
I also fear insects. Blah.
I fear heights
and insects!
but mostly heights
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spiders,heights.and dark places
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I fear centipedes and down escalators.
I love spiders, snakes and heights (no, I'm not a boy).
I am, however, terrified of small spaces, and tacky department stores...seriously, if I step into some dusty, messy, old-lady retail store with yellow lighting I can feel an onset of the willies sweatdrop
well you prob. wont get eaten by a shark ever so i think its fine
i have quite a lot of phobias

fear of heights, elevators, talking on the phone, committing, new things, needles...oh god do i hate needles, blood... practically anything medical, storms...being sick... ect
What a bunch of children. Hah! I fear nothing. Not even fear itself!

Well i have a fear of doctors and dentists,i am just so scared of them,i am scared that they are going to find something really badly wrong with me or something,i am also scared of being sick with the flu,when i am sick,i think that i have a disease and i hate it.I have bad anziety,it is like i am constantly worried about everything,i am always scared about just anything,i have to take pills,but i have a phobia of taking pills,so when i have to take one i get really freaked out and like my body tells me to take the pill but my throat will not let me swallow it.But i just have anxiety attacks just over nothing.
spiders and hornets ._.
i've been known to start crying if one is present .____.
bugs(kinda), blood(a lot), heights and dark places(sometimes)
Unrestrained heights, things with too many legs touching me and the thought "Somewhere in the world right now there's a little lost dog." That one always makes me upset, I fear that one of my animals might get hurt, even other animals.
heights, darkness, closed in spaces

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