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My extended family for the most part are my friends and my little sister and my mommy are my friends. My brother is too stubborn to have a facebook. He thinks it's stupid.
facebook = waste of time.
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I do and I don't. I'm like...We already live in the same house, I don't need to know your s**t that you do online. And I cringe whenever I see some little boys try to hollar at my sister's. That's their business.
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I have two cousins who always seem to be on facebook (They're together) posting stupid s**t.
They found a pet squirrel and made a facebook pretending to be the squirrel and adding all of their family, me included. So now whenever I log on I see a post with the squirrel being the narrator saying stuff like, "MY DADDY FED ME A NUT".
Those two cousins are so bored with their lives. emotion_facepalm
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Facebook users, do you allow your family members to be on your friends list and therefore see your FB business? Why? Why not? Anything on the topic?

I was just debating talking to my cousin on it but I'm not sure about letting anyone I'm related to in past my privacy settings fort.

I have all my privacy settings set to limit my family's access to my information. It's a little time consuming to set up, but totally worth it in the long run.
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            I don't post anything on my FB that I don't want family or coworkers to see, so I can easily add them.
I added my mom before, and she started pming my friends about me. That was it for me. *deletes her out of my life/facebook*
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I talk s**t about my family on FB. My mom sent me a request on there. It still sits in the "Waiting to be accepted" area, never to be touched.

Adding your family is like...taboo. You just don't do it. It never ends well.
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One of my parents is on FB, but I'm not too worried as I don't post anything that could be considered shocking or wrong.
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I added my cousins but when I saw that one of them was constantly teaming up with his buddies saying they were gunna go "meet by the ditch and beat the s**t out of blah blah" I told my uncle and that cousin got in trouble and he deleted me because I told on him.
I know my dad has one and like everyone on his side of the family but I would never add them. I have a private life seperate from my family.
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I do, because I'm pretty open with my family and I live pretty far away from a lot of them so it's a good way for them to keep up with my life and not have to rack up those long family phone calls. If I have something to hide from them then it's probably not something I'm gonna post on my facebook to begin with.

Honestly you don't have really fret over adding your family. Facebook has privacy settings for individual posts so you can allow and disallow particular people from reading them. It's really easy to set up and change between posts.
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I have nothing to hide to them. Plus, my mum wanted to join MySpace so Facebook is the better alternative.

I have looooooads of family members on my Facebook, like, 50 people!
Yep. I don't post anything on fb that I wouldn't want my relatives (or employers, etc) to see, so it's generally not a problem. What I don't particularly like is when my friends add my family.
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I have my niece, nephews, cousins, brothers in law, my 3rd sis, 2nd older bro, and some distant relatives. God, that was awkward to type. sweatdrop

I don't post gossip-worthy stuff since I'm boring. XD I just post pics, an update here and there, and reply to whoever responded to me. When I'm bored. The only person I'm concerned about is my 2nd older sis who logs in her husband's account and snoops around my stuff, thinking she's slick then gives me attitude the next day about my post of *gasp* me missing my dog HELL FROZE OVER. emotion_eyebrow

I do use it to snoop on my niece because she's a trouble-making turd.
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If I had one, I would be fine with my family being on my friend list and seeing my crap.

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