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If you find Facebook shallow, it's your own fault. Just sayin'.
Ive met some nice people through facebook. Neither of us were creepy
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You never stated what the shallow part was. Was it that they added you to stalk you? Is stalking shallow? I have a feeling you can take anything and call it shallow.
Do you think Facebook is shallow?
Facebook? Nope. Some people on it? Yupp.

Do you have any jerks on your friends list?
Nope, I would delete them. Then again I dont like to be baby talked, so maybe to someone else someone on my friends list is a jerk simply because they are blunt.

How tightknit do you try to keep your friendslist?
I keep it below 70 friends. As soon as I hit 70 I comb through them.

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When I deleted my old account and made a new one, I was just going to keep it really small... Then other people added ME... and I, not wanting to be a jerk, accepted. Then I tried to talk to them, because I want to be able to converse with everyone on my friends list... And... confused nothing. emo They had just added me to stalk me. stressed

It might be fun for those who want to relive high school, but... I wasn't pretty in high school by any means (not going into detail, but... yeah ninja ), and besides, I figured it was time to grow up.

I know I could easily delete these people, or hide them, but I'm commenting more on the culture of Facebook, and not my individual experience.

ITT: Do you think Facebook is shallow? Do you have any jerks on your friends list? How tightknit do you try to keep your friendslist?
How did you delete your facebook?
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Fiddle Biscuits
I use Facebook for stalking people that go to my school.
I like knowing what's up.
my list contains 673 people.
I know them all, but only socialize with maybe 75 of them.

You simply cannot know them if you do not socialize with them. It doesn't make sense if you only know their face and name. It is as though you are walking past them in a corridor, seeing their face in various places around school/work and assuming you have potential acknowledgement of ''knowing'' them and having a friendly atmosphere. If you have had conversation(s) few times, then they are a acquittance.

I had facebook years ago, I deleted it years ago.
I really dislike Facebook.

I only have it to keep in touch with old friends & activities on my campus and clubs.

But I really hate the whole profile picture thing. I am against having a profile picture. It disgusts me to know that potential job employers will look up your Facebook and judge you based on your profile picture. Yes they do that.
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When I made my account years ago, I thought it was really awesome. I still have that account today and I keep getting friend requests that doesn't even have mutual friend and I was like "How in the world? O_o " When I tried to accept some of them, they are just bugging me in the Chat box so that's when I decided to Unfriend them. That's how I solve my problem in Facebook. Twitter is soooo much better. yum_puddi
I misread the title as "Facebook is Swallow" - imagine my disappointment when I saw my mistake. Anyway, don't have Facebook, but I think there's a sort of competition going on: who has the biggest friendlist. So in that regard, it is shallow, yes.
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Yes, Facebook does turn people into gossipy little brats, in my experience, regardless of their age or social status. Or rather, it makes their gossipy nature more obvious.

My friendslist is pretty tight. I remove jackasses pretty much immediately.
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It seems like facebook is just for people who want to show off.
I still have my facebook account, but I don't use it anymore. I find facebook so boring now...

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