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When I deleted my old account and made a new one, I was just going to keep it really small... Then other people added ME... and I, not wanting to be a jerk, accepted. Then I tried to talk to them, because I want to be able to converse with everyone on my friends list... And... confused nothing. emo They had just added me to stalk me. stressed

It might be fun for those who want to relive high school, but... I wasn't pretty in high school by any means (not going into detail, but... yeah ninja ), and besides, I figured it was time to grow up.

I know I could easily delete these people, or hide them, but I'm commenting more on the culture of Facebook, and not my individual experience.

ITT: Do you think Facebook is shallow? Do you have any jerks on your friends list? How tightknit do you try to keep your friendslist?
facebook is pointless now because i just text..i prefer tumblr 4laugh
you can change the settings so nobody can send you friend requests.
I think you're just something of a stick in the mud.
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i don't really bother with facebook much
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I was unaware that a website could be shallow.
Electric duct
I think you're just something of a stick in the mud.

Hah, probably. smile
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            Nah, I use Facebook to socialize with friends that I don't get to see too often and keep in touch with my dad.
            I love it.
i dont get on it as much anymore. its annoying how people get all mad for not allways commenting. i dont have time for that. i only want to keep up with like 5 people.
A person from my old school that always glared at me like I was the scum of the earth and never talked to me added me on Facebook and I have no idea why. I believe some people can be rather "I don't give a ********" when it comes to which friends they add. I usually just add or accept certain people because I'd like to know what's going on in their lives.
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I love your sig.
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Don't add people you don't know? neutral
I only have family and friends that live too far from me to ever visit so that we can keep in contact and they can see pictures of my son.

Some people add strangers for the friend count. It's just a thing. Doesn't mean they're shallow. It just means you shouldn't add people you don't know.
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Stupid stuff like this, is one of the reasons why I dont go on Facebook in the first place

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