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i shower every other day usually. but since college i've gotten worse. now it's more like every four day. i've noticed that my hair doesn't get as greasy anymore, but i should shower more. i don't see why people shower everyday, it's not good for your hair or skin and it's a waste of water
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I've gone tihout a shower for a day.. i think everyone has

but it wasn't because i hated them..i was just so tiered and i couldnt get the energy to do it

Maybe your dad works a lot and had the same problem
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I shower ever other day. Other than attending classes two days a week, I am pretty much a stay at home mother. Granted, I haven't let myself go, but I don't dress up all the way like I use to.
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I skip days because I dont really sweat or feel dirty, I only clean when I feel its necessary/uncomfortable.//moderation

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I shower everyday. Then again, I can miss a day or two. CanĀ“t miss more than that.
i shower every day usually without exception, in the summer time often twice a day. its nice to get clean how can anyone skip showering for more than like two days max?! it takes 10 minutes.
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I don't feel the need to shower every day, if I do my hair gets really brittle and my skin feels really dry (even if I put moisteriser on) so I shower 3 times a week. I don't feel greasy/dirty if I don't shower, unless it was a hot summer day for example. When I've had depression I went for 2 weeks not showering and I didn't even smell....
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I shower every other day.

If I shower every day, my hair and skin dry out.
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i shower every other day and dry shampoo on the days i don't shower.
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How do you not go days without showering? I have to shower every day.
Dude gross. D: I'll skip like one day on weekends when I have nothing to do or don't feel good, but that is it.
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I shower daily because I love to be clean, healthy and to smell good. I do not skip days, even if I'm tired or sick, I take a shower.
Men dosen't need showers. Our body self-cleans. At will. Yeah.
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I shower at least once a day. If not 2-3 times in one day. I live in a place where it's very humid so I tend to sweat a lot...

And it doesn't help that some of my friends torture me because of my hot spots being to damn easy to find.

I only skip showers when I have no where to go the next day. cool

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