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Gross. I cant go a day without a shower. Twice a day for me.
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Is he depressed? Common symptom is not caring about hygiene. I personally wouldn't shower daily, but even 3 days is stretching it. The longest I've gone was like 3 weeks, but I did wash up everyday. I had a major surgery that made it difficult to do anything, and my mom even had to help with the washing sad
I only bathe when I start to feel gross, but that's because the water makes my eczema flare-up. Oat baths, Epsom salt baths and baking soda baths don't help either sweatdrop
Edit: I do change my underwear/clothes every day, though
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I shower everyday, but wash my hair every other day. Otherwise I go nuts. I could'nt live with someone that doesnt shower.
I shower everyday. But occasionally i'll skip a day. If I skip it for more then one day my hair gets incredibly oily for some reason and I just feel all around gross. Most days I ever skipped it for was three. I forget why. Never again.
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I would never tell complete strangers in a forum that I think my father is gross.

That being said, I don't have to deal with that everyday. The people in my house all shower everyday.
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Is he depressed? Common symptom is not caring about hygiene.

+1 - this could be a factor in it.

I went through that when the depression really took me just after some bad life events. I had to have people staying with me almost permanently and literally carrying me into a bath and forcing me to wash. I just honestly stopped caring at all & just hid from the world. Even now, although my hygeine is back to being as it should, it's still a bit of a struggle to remember to wash when I have my low points. I'm still make-up free 95% of the time, where before things took hold no-one would ever see me without a full face of makeup on.
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I had a friend in high school who had a mom that did the same thing.
She was always really embarrassed and didn't bring many people over to her house.
Her mom wasn't the nicest person, either.
I remember once she went in for a hug, but I noticed her armpits that weren't shaven... and then felt them touch my arm. I washed my arms once she left the room. gonk

I can never skip a day of showering; I must shower every day. emotion_donotwant
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I only skip a shower if I plan on staying in all day, which isn't very often. I call those my lazy days.
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How do you not go days without showering? I have to shower every day.
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That's really gross.
I shower everyday. stare
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That's disgusting. ...I shower every day.

Maybe get him a men's hygiene gift set for... Every foreseeable gift giving holiday in the future. And hope he gets the hint. neutral

Or say, "Dad, you smell like hairy goat's balls."

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