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Excuse me, miss.
Meh. I sometimes go 4 days without showering.

I just take a shower whenever I need one. Which is definitely not after one day.

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Kaptain K Rool
I don't see th' big deal. I've gone much longa' not showarin' and wearin' old clothes from me floor wit' no problems. I've worn th' same pair o' pants fer ova' three months wit'out washin' 'em once. Twas a grand time, they always fit nice and snugly

i like your style
Why waste th' wata' daily ta' make yerself clean fer a day only ta' get jus' as filthy th' next day? If'n yer gonna take a showa' at all at least make it worth th' wata'. Any smell ye get doesn't even botha' ya afta' a while, ye get used ta' it. Plus it makes yer immune system stronga', keeps it's guard up



I think four days is the longest I've ever gone without a shower. I shower every day that I'll be going outside for whatever reason, otherwise my hair gets oily and I start to smell. I love the feeling of freshly washed skin, though I do admit I appreciate it more when I've gone without a shower for a day or two.
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Spray him with Fabreeze every five minutes.
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I usually shower every other day bare minimum.
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Your dad sounds like he has a serious self-discipline issue. When it gets to the point that his own daughter needs to bribe him to take showers because he smells so bad, something needs to be done. That's-
I'm going to cut myself off there, in the interest of keeping this constructive. Point being, get him into therapy or something. Hell, sign him up for boot camp. That's not Ok, and it's setting a terrible example for you, and nobody involved should let that slide.

Hahaha . That man needs to go to plenty of other types of therapy before taking self-discipline ones. And I can promise that isn't an example I'm following, but I like the idea . Thanks!
depends, normally I only shower once a week but during my period I do it everyday
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I've known people that do the same, but I could never do that. I'm OCD though, so I end up showering no matter where I go. Sometimes I shower from just going outside sweatdrop It would literally give me a mental breakdown if I were forced not to have a shower or to not wash my hands, for that matter. gonk
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I'm so sorry to hear that.... that's really freakin terrible. sad
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My step dad is that way, and he works every day... it's so gross. I feel sorry for my mom since she has to sleep in the same bed as him.

As for me, I only skip showers if my migraine makes me feel like I was hit by a bus.

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I don't remember when I found out that most people shower once a day. I was brought up to shower every other day cause my family started out super poor. My dad left home at 16 and my mom was just a small town girl lol
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I shower every other day. So if I shower today, then I won't shower again until Wed. Sometimes things get so hetic I skip another day, but after two days I really have to. My hair get's super oily.

You should spray him with air freshener until he gets the hint.
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I can miss a day or two but then things bug me.

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