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My dad is a fat middle-aged man. He's a great person but
He will normally go 4 days to a week without showering and will not change the clothes he is wearing for that time, either. I often have to bribe him to take showers, because he will not do it on his own will, and I can't stand to be around him because he smells so bad.
So here are my questions to all of you:
Do you have a similar problem?
Do you personally skip days of taking showers?
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How do you not go days without showering? I have to shower every day.

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I enjoy going for days without taking showers when I'm unemployed or on vacation. sweatdrop
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Only four days ta' a week? What a wimp
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I can miss a day or two but then things bug me.
I shower every day, except on Sundays if I have no plans, because I end up sitting on the computer doing homework for my online classes all day.

4 days without showering? emotion_facepalm At least do a 5-minute quickie to wash his hair and smear some soap around. Jeez.
I think that the longest I ever went without a shower was like 4 months.
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Man my dad does that during break.
And I pester him until he showers.
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              I use camping as my excuse.

              On a normal basis, I shower as it's appropriate; not because it's scheduled.

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Your dad sounds like he has a serious self-discipline issue. When it gets to the point that his own daughter needs to bribe him to take showers because he smells so bad, something needs to be done. That's-
I'm going to cut myself off there, in the interest of keeping this constructive. Point being, get him into therapy or something. Hell, sign him up for boot camp. That's not Ok, and it's setting a terrible example for you, and nobody involved should let that slide.
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I used to skip out on showering on the weekends, but since I came to college, I shower daily, even though that shower is nasty
Everyone in my family showers regularly including me, so no that isn't really an issue...
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I don't see th' big deal. I've gone much longa' not showarin' and wearin' old clothes from me floor wit' no problems. I've worn th' same pair o' pants fer ova' three months wit'out washin' 'em once. Twas a grand time, they always fit nice and snugly
I shower up to 3 times a day.

I don't was my hair every time. It just doesn't need it and looks better after a day or two.

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