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Excuse me, miss.
If you mean... sexually frustrated beyond all reason, then yes, quite painful.

But, honestly? No. I'm not sure I've ever been in lovelove. I do believe in it though. I just haven't experienced it.

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Feeling like a black & white drawing in a gallery full of colorful illustrations.

Have I ever loved someone so much it hurt/frightened/excited?

why do some of us get so emotionally invested?
Thats love. If you didn't get invested you wouldn't care as much about the other individual and it just wouldn't work out.

Is it really a sign of weakness when you're willing to be submissive?
No. I wouldn't say give up completely and let them run your life but allow the other to help guide you. Relationship are equal parts dominance and submission.

How come some of us calculate it like it's a math question and try to look for logical answer?Its in human nature to be inquisitive and leery about things we don't have logical answers to.

Is it really a emotion, or a chemical our bodies create and use as a unique way of finding a mate, just like animals do? Emotions ARE Chemicals. That scared feeling you get when you watch a scarey movie is a adrenaline. That good feeling you get after a work out is endorphins. Love is no different. We are beings who are ran by our chemical responses and just try to justify it with logical thinking.

Is "Love" real?
Yes. Just because its a chemical response dosn't make the feeling any less real.

Will anyone see the beauty within and even notice me?
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I've never felt that way about someone, at least not for more than a few months. Which is sad considering I've been in 3+ year relationships. I guess I've also had sex without being in love, because I didn't feel that way anymore and was just in denial about it. God that sounds lonely and pathetic. emo
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I believe that "love" is mostly hormones.
After some time you just get bored and find someone new.

I have WANTED someone so bad that it hurt, though. (And got them... now I am scared I will get bored User Image)

I would like to believe in "real love" though...
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I have and never making that mistake again.
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Love is real... I've been in what I thought was love plenty of times...

But true love, I've only felt once. When she said we could never be, and I still loved her. When she changed, turning my world upside down, I still loved her. When she found another, I still lovd her, despite her never giving me a chance.

That unconditional love... It hurts. Badly.
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Sure have.

I tend to fall in and out of infatuation quickly, but I have only experienced "love" once.

He's a good man, and I hope he's happy wherever he's going.
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I'm starting to have feelings for this guy... But I know that if I want to make it work, I have to take a step back. And it's very difficult because I know that I have to do things that go against what I am used to.

And he has to do the same. So it stings when I want to say that I care about him, and I know that I can't say that because he is not ready to say it.

Although, I could tell that he was very touched when I gave him his birthday present today. Even though, his birthday was last Saturday. I saw that he almost said that he loved it. So it was enough. Even though I felt a little hurt by the fact that I know he still has his wall.

The thing is, though, love is a very strong emotion. I don't think it makes us weak. I think it makes us stronger. But at the same time, I think love can be a double edged sword. Love has the power to heal wounds that were once un-healable. And have the power to create those un-healable wounds. With love, you have to learn to be submissive, but at the same time, you have to learn to step up. It's about balance.

I personally think love is something that is very illogical, but at the same time, can make perfect sense.

And love, for me, is an emotion, while lust is more of a chemical reaction in our bodies.

It's weird... It's very hard to explain what love is to somebody who has never gone through it. It's just something you have to go through. And the problem is, most people in this world will never truly understand what love really is. Even I am not sure what love is exactly.
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Captain Smutty
Everyone at one point in time has felt the flush of that feeling we call, "Love".
Songwriters come up with catchy cliches.
Painters try to interpret the emotion on canvas, which sometimes looks pretty good.
Poets try to convey the emotion through the creative twist and rhyme of words.
People go by feeling. Sometimes they aren't always correct.
But, really, have you ever loved someone so much it hurt? Scared you? Excited you?

If so, why do some of us get so emotionally invested?
Is it really a sign of weakness when you're willing to be submissive.
How come some of us calculate it like it's a math question and try to look for logical answer?

Is it really a emotion, or a chemical our bodies create and use as a unique way of finding a mate, just like animals do.

Is "Love" real? If yes, explain why it is.
If not, explain why it isn't.

Yes. I have loved someone so much it hurt. (Might be hard to believe because I'm only 15)
It was so exciting. The constant feeling of being taking away JUST by the sight of that certain person. It's exhilarating.

And I think people try and calculate love because they are afraid of getting hurt. Love doesn't have a logical answer. In math you can just solve a problem by going by a formula. Love doesn't work like that. In math you can practice the same problem over and over again for the rest of your life and still get the same product. The same outcome every single time. But Love just doesn't work like that.

I think "Love" is more than just a chemical our bodies create.
It is real. Definitely. Love is more than just finding a mate. You can love your family, your friends, your pets and even strangers. Complete love for them. With no intentions of making them your mate.
That's how I know it's not just our bodies way of finding a mate.

We get so emotionally invested because it's love. You hear about love stories and fantasies your whole life. And don't tell me you never get curious. Alot of people are adventurous... looking for new experiences. We spend so much time looking for love for the thrill. Just like a roller coaster. We want someone to care about what we do. We just want to be important to someone. And when we do. It's the most amazing feeling in the world.
I think im fortunate because I am in love and it hurts to be away from them. Love is not something that can be accurately expressed in words, music, art etc. It is only something that you can feel not calculate. heart
I've loved about 5 people so much it hurt and scared me. I've been able to spark similar feelings in 3 of them >:3 Currently in a relationship with one of them.

I think we get so invested because its a human necessity to receive feelings of love. No matter what tough people say, we all long for those comforts such as hugging or at least to be touched by someone in a loving way. We all want to be accepted and know someone cares for us. Just loving and caring for yourself isn't enough. We're social creatures.

Its not a sign of weakness to be submissive. Its a sign of love and trust. In fact, you're stronger if you're submissive because you have the power to trust and love someone so much that you're willing to give that part of yourself to them. That takes a lot of self confidence.

All emotions are chemicals, really. But we interpret them in a conscious way, and call them emotions. There are billions of tiny signals that trigger these chemicals unique to everyone on earth.

Love is real. Its a need just like eating that needs to be fulfilled. Its real when you look into the eyes of someone who loves you. That connection. Their desire to be near you even though they can't figure out why. Your desire for them, sometimes despite what you've been taught to believe. Etc.

Of course, not just talking about romantic love here.
I believe that love is real, and that there are different types of love. Yes, I've felt romantic love, but it only lasted a short time and wasn't worth the pain and effort.
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Mmm, I had a crush on a girl once and liked for bad things to happen to her so I could be their to comfort her like a wounded raccoon ):

If that's not love then what is?
The op is annoying.

No I have not experienced that. I have experienced irritation of unexplainable feelings of fondness towards specific people. The worst is towards the opposite sex. I despise being sexually attracted to men most of the time. Too much goes on internally, things I don't consider productive.. You know? Things like crushing, and bonding.

I don't think love should hurt you. Re-think that statement.

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