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I'm not a sex talker at all. My sex vocabulary is pretty much limited to "harder" and "you pull hair/spank/whatever like a b***h" which still back ends to the harder commentary. If the sex is good I should be too out of my mind to do much talking let alone try to remember the dudes name. I'm not much for 'sentimental sex' either; I'm more likely to feel emotional over a good foot or back rub.
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Well, as I'm personally not really a verbal type when it comes to intimacy I must admit that I never say my partner's name during sex. I prefer showing my affection through physical things, like cuddling, kissing and sex indeed. I've always believed that acts say more than words.
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Its like acknowledging you're their lover. And that you're doing a great job. If my girl said my name during sex I'd be twice as turned on.
I did it once and he said, "What?" -___-
I've never said anyone's name during sex. I like to talk though. I think talking about other s**t is a lot more fulfilling than saying a name. Tonight I laughed through like half of it. That's when you know you're comfortable.

I'm like that too, I usually see sex like meat and nothing more. I have a hard time attaching emotions to it. But we had this really sweet moment earlier where I got all hormonal and delusional and I was thinking like ... wow, we're really one person. It's just the two of us. It felt so good.

Now I want to kick myself for getting sappy like that, but usually you can find the 'happy sex place' inside your head. You don't necessarily have to do corny things like say the person's name. Just think about it, talk about other s**t... I really like to talk during sex. It doesn't even have to be dirty, it can be sweet or whatever you want.

We pretty much talk the entire time during sex, except in really intense moments where it's just like ... too much. I think sex without communication is weird/awkward though. It's too sappy for me.
Personally I like it. I mean I don't overdo it though, anything can seem kind of fake if you overdo it. Like repeating it over and over again for 10 minutes. I usually say his name maybe once during sex right before I finish. He says mine sometimes but only during oral. I'm a bit on the loud side though, I can't really help it i'm just vocal and I like dirty talk and lots of moaning. If you're just panting and breathing but otherwise quiet that doesn't seem very sexy to me but if it is to someone else then that's their thing ya know?
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i lol'd hard

That would be a curious exclamation.
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I remember reading in Cosmo {I know, so reliable} that guys get a sense of satisfaction hearing their name being called during sex. I can tell James likes it, as long as it's not overdone.
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I get embarassed whenever I say someone's name out of pleasure. Then again, never had sex so... I doubt I said anything out of pleasure besides food.
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I say my boyfriends name during sex and he says mine, I don't really find anything awkward about it and it is a really sweet and loving thing when we say it.
But, in saying all of that, we're rather affectionate with each other do tell each other that we love each other a lot.

It all really depends on your relationship the weight that saying your partner's name holds, maybe saying each others names during sex held weight for you as a couple because you have a hard time expressing yourself emotionally?

Like I said, it really depends on your relationship.
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It only means something if you let it mean something. To me it doesnt mean s**t, sex is sex, I dont turn simple stuff like that into some idealistic meaningful wonderland. But that doesnt mean you cant, if you want it to be something special then why not?

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I don't think I have called any names during sex.. neutral

I would probably start laughing if I did or if my boyfriend did....
I feel so awkward saying someone's name during sex. It just sounds to un-sexy.
I've been with people who found it a big turn on though.
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No. It's Silly romance novel horse s**t. If you're having sex and having a good time, it's rare to be cogent enough to make much sense at all. Most of the time I say anything during climax, it's a mixture of '********', 's**t' and 'sdgknsdkgsiohjaosij'. And the actual act of sex gets, predominantly, grunts.

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