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Do you regret not attending prom?

Yes, I regret it 0.15094339622642 15.1% [ 16 ]
No, I don't regret it 0.84905660377358 84.9% [ 90 ]
Total Votes:[ 106 ]
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Senior prom was last weekend, we didn't want to spend the money.

And plus, me and my boyfriend aren't too fond with dances, anyway.
So I don't think I will ever regret not going. smile
Went to prom. My suit was free (had one prior). After prom was free since I worked there. In addition, I was being paid to work at after prom. This covered my ticket expenses as well. Between my relatives we own a dry cleaner and beauty academy so all spiffying up was also free. So really I just paid for dinner. And yes I do believe that $20 was worth having one of the best nights of my senior year. <;
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No, I don't regret it
No,not at all. emotion_eyebrow
I would have regretted not going.
I, the shy and nerdy art girl, defied all high school stereotypes and was crowned prom queen.

A +1 for the awkward nerdy teen population at my school.
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i didnt go to junior prom
but this yr i am
;p senior!
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My senior prom was actually yesterday and I don't regret going at all!! ^^ I loved every moment of it!! I don't wear any makeup and if I do it's barely any, but this time I did go all out with my mom's help and I got a lot of attention. It was kinda crazy but fun! ^^' One of my friend's half tackled me and was going on about how I should model. eek And apparently the dress I wore really worked for me. But anyway, prom was outside in a garden area under the stars so it was very pretty. Student council did an amazing job decorating!! 4laugh We didn't have to dance although the main reason I didn't was because my bf unfortunately couldn't make it. It's ok though since we have plans to make up for that! ^//^ All in all I'd do that all over again! And to prove how epic our school is, our prom king and queen turned out to be two chicks! >w< I helped vote!!! XD *feels like a dork*
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I plan on not going.

I don't really want my mom to give me cash just to buy a "fantabulous" dress and some sort of fee just to sit in the corner and kiss my only date; my glass full of punch. I don't like dancing, I don't like parties. I just don't.
I don't regret skipping out on both my Junior and Senior proms. The girls who were on the student counsel and designed it were- not my cup of tea. The only thing I miss, that I'm going to get later anyway, is getting a fab dress. I'm getting one, it's going to be French-Victorian, and I'm going to the Renaissance Fair in it. This way, I can flirt with vikings and pirates. <333333
And I won't have to deal with a two hundred dollar dress that four other girls decided to wear.
I went with a guy I didn't like as friends, and it was the most awkward thing ever. Also, prom is sober and that kind of sucked. I recommend only going with a date if you're prepared to act like he's your boyfriend.
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******** prom.
Oh, it was such a boring waste of time and money. Let's see... the tux was about $200 (before the dollar sank in value, now it's perhaps 150) and then flowers on top of that.
As for the event itself... lots of walking around outside, taking pictures and lining up for... pictures. It sounds like a good idea, but it was a sunny, cloudless and breeze-less day so soon enough, your back was soaked. Then came the dinner, which was so... lame. We had roe deer (which was certainly rare for the people who didn't come from a farmer/hunter family, but those of us that did...meh) and that... tiramisu thingie as dessert. They also had the rule of you're only allowed wine OR beer for the dinner and I asked if I could trade my wine for a beer (I hate wine), and the servers were okay with it, but the lady in charge threw a hissyfit.
My date, who was a friend, only wanted to dance the initial dance (ballroom) and then went and sat with some friends. The only other girls who wanted to dance were asked all the time (I got two dances though) and a large majority were hammered. The rest of the evening was spent sitting and talking to friends and strangers who, apparently, knew your name.

The only good thing about it was the seating, because I got to sit with some good friends and we had fun. But all in all? It was mostly a content between the guys who got the "best" girl and between the girls it was a content in hair and dresses.

The post and pre graduation parties were much more fun though (the one with your friends... not the one with your family and relatives). And they were cheap too.
I went, to be honest I only suggest going if your going as a couple with somebody you really like. I would totally regret not going if I didn't go. However I could see how it would be super boring if I went with friends or by myself.
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I think I would have regretted not going. All of my friends went, we all got to dress up, we went to a nice dinner... It was just an enjoyable night. The after party was a lot better, though. Our school rented out an arcade/bowling alley/laser tag place and we all stayed there until 7am.

I certainly did not pay hundreds of dollars combined. Yes, the tickets were expensive, but my dress was only about $50. You can find inexpensive dresses or re-wear one you already have. Honestly, no one really cares what you wear.
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I dont think my case counts as fair why i missed prom.
What happened? Girl said we would go, she ended up dating another guy so took him (understandable), but i didnt know what day was the prom till the next day.
*FACEPALM* sweatdrop
kinda feel bad about it....

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