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Do you regret not attending prom?

Yes, I regret it 0.15094339622642 15.1% [ 16 ]
No, I don't regret it 0.84905660377358 84.9% [ 90 ]
Total Votes:[ 106 ]
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Skipped junior prom, dont regret it. But I went to senior prom and it was a blast. I think I would have regretted not going to senior prom.
I didn't go to junior prom and I don't really mind not going. It's not as big of a deal as going when you're a senior and I didn't have a date then. I went to senior prom with my now husband and it's a good memory that I'm happy to have. At the time, it was probably the best night of my life to that point. Now a lot of other experiences have dwarfed it in comparison, but I'm still happy to have gone.
I can't go to my senior prom because I'll be at New York during that time.
I didnt go because
A) I didn't want to burden my dad with the dress and the ticket or whatever
and B) I had other stuff to do
Itwasn't a big deal because I am not a big party person anyways
Not my thing. Not even the parties after can draw me, cause those are usually just as ******** lame.

I like hanging out, not bashing it at parties, much less crappy high school alcohol and sex-free ones. A tiny part of me wonders if I'll regret it too, but that's just it, a tiny part.

The much, much bigger part is sighing with relief because I missed all of those cheesy, glittery "princess" pieces of s**t dresses lol I remember FB being BUTT UGLY the day after. Especially my friend's "mermaid" dress. Looked like dragon puke.
no. not really.
not into fancydos.

and i went to the after party anyway!
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Liberal Dabbler

Didn't go. Don't regret it one bit! Had the BEST time at a different party with some better people emotion_awesome
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Wheezing Citizen

Didn't go to junior prom, nor did I go to my senior prom.
I actually forgot about both proms until the weekend after it had happened.
I'm not really a party person in the first place.
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I only regret it because I never got to wear the ballgown I've always wanted, but at the same rate I would have been SOOOOOOOOOOOOO bored cause I had noone to go with. And ******** if I'm dancing.. I just woulda stood around the whole time..

I did go to the afterparty of the Junior Prom 3nodding That was awesome and I'm glad I went to that because there was no afterparty at the Senior Prom ._.;
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                  Didn't go to prom.
                  I was really badly bullied all through school. Then I decided to graduate high school a year early.
                  I could've gone to prom, but I
                  A) didn't know people I was graduating with well
                  and B) hated my school and everyone in it.
                  I mean idk might just be because I absolutely detested school but.
                  I really don't regret not going.

                  Honestly, my opinion is that it's just a dance. It's really not that big of a deal in the long run.
                  And there'll be dances in college if you decide to go to college.
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Yes. My high school sweetheart was an a** said It'd be stupid to not go and then I found out he he bought a ticket for himself. When I found out I went to buy a ticket but it was too late. Meh razz
I went to Prom this year (my freshman year). 4laugh
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I don't regret missing prom, you're right it was ******** expensive, I was from a family that made me pay for my own s**t since the age of 12 so I spent my money on paintball and dirt biking instead, hated my entire class, every single person, and there was no way I was getting a date, my first girlfriend came senior year, we did homecoming instead.

Most regrets happen because of Prom, the after-party that girls get raped at, drunk, arrested, that one time they got high and can't believe they did something like that, one night stand, may not be a regret to the care-free lives but for most, it's an over-rated overpriced dance.
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I didn't go to either. I was bullied in high school so, I really didn't wanna see conga-lines of grinding teenagers that I hated anyways.

I instead went to go see Nightmare on Elm Street and had a wonderful evening with a girl.
no i never regret not going to my prom.

besides i kinda made up for it by going when my high school crush asked me to go to hers! even though i graduated the year before.

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