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Do you think doctors are underpaid?

Yes 0.22448979591837 22.4% [ 11 ]
No 0.77551020408163 77.6% [ 38 ]
Total Votes:[ 49 ]
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Doctors working in the NHS (National Health Service) are without a doubt underpaid over here in the UK, considering what it takes to get onto a medical degree programme, then getting the degree itself, the length of the degree and post graduate training schemes, the working hours of a junior doctor (a "resident" in the US), the stress of the career and the exams, the responsibility, oh the list continues! But the main concern of the medical profession are the cuts being made to their pensions scheme. These changes don't affect the older doctors nearing retirement, but they will cripple juniors and students such as myself.

After pledging not to cut the NHS pensions scheme, the current government have decided to do just that! Regardless of their promise, a previous pensions cut only 4 years earlier to ensure its sustainability, and an excess of over £2 billion provided annually to the treasury under the current scheme.

All this is leading to the first ever form of industrial action by the medical profession in the NHS' 70 year history. However doctors and soldiers are the only two occupations who can't strike because of their responsibility within society, so only an interruption of non-vital services will take place (A&E/ ER will remain open as normal).

Still, it's rather disconcerting to see that it has come to this. As a doctor to be in a few years (hopefully!), I'm already seriously considering packing up and moving off to the US, Australia or Canada once I graduate - where prospects for the medical profession seem much less grim.

And I've not even started on the level of debt we take away with us at the end of just getting a medical degree; +£50,000. Which would be all right if a junior doctor weren't paid under the average university graduate starting salary... Despite an undergraduate medical degree lasting about 2 years longer than the average university degree here in the UK. It then drops you into a job which is paid less, is more stressful, has longer working hours (including night shifts) and on top of it all, continues to assess you! (Haha exams for life... :S)

The salary scale of a doctor in the UK

Still, I honestly wouldn't do anything else in the world. I fought to get here in the first place, so I should probably stop moaning and start revising for my 3 exams tomorrow on muscles, joints, movement; respiratory medicine and the digestive system! :S
I'm very biased on this one. I find that every time I go to a doctor, I'm paying for them to tell me either what I already knew or nothing at all. So with that said, maybe some of them do have a purpose in the world that justifies the amount of money they make, but I haven't met any like that. I'll never say they are underpaid though.
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On one hand, doctors work very hard and deserve good pay.
On the other hand, half our country can't afford to seek out medical care when they need it, and a quarter of all bankruptcy claims filed are over medical bills. I don't see how we can possibly pay doctors more and not see the health of our entire country tank.
Also, some doctors have (or think they have) too much power. We've all had a doc with a damn God complex or horrible bedside manner. While I appreciate what they do, some of these medical practitioners need to remember that they're still a business, and they don't get the pay if they can't do the job in the way that is expected of them. That means listening to their patients and being respectful and empathetic.
******** doctors. I'm going to go ask mine what he's paid and if he thinks that's enough and if he has a problem with what I'm giving him I'm going to scratch his car all up.
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I haven't met many doctors that I liked. I can honestly only think of one doctor that I have respect for. He's my mother's eye doctor. I've actually had people try and convince me to go to this one hospital because they think it's closer than my hospital of choice, but the doctors there were so bad to my loved ones, that I refuse to support the hospital they're at.

So, I guess I don't really care unless I find more doctors that I care about.
Do you think doctors are underpaid?
Yes. I believe doctors should be making so much more than they do. I find it absolutely repulsive that celebrities/actors/models can make more than the people in our society who save lives.

Do you want to be a doctor?
I do! I wish I had the brains to be a surgeon like you.

How well do you think you're compensated for your work?
I'm not currently working as I'm a student haha.

Are you currently a student? Major?
Yes!~ My major is Psychology

How much school have your completed? How much do you have left?
I've just finished my first year of my undergrad. Three more to go!

What are your career goals?
I'm not even quite sure yet~ Haven't really found my thing in psychology yet!

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