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Do you get along?

I don't have roommates. 0.34782608695652 34.8% [ 16 ]
Yes, we all get along fine! 0.52173913043478 52.2% [ 24 ]
No, I hate my roommates. 0.1304347826087 13.0% [ 6 ]
Total Votes:[ 46 ]
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Through the course of college, I had 9 roommates. I'm still on good terms with all of them but 1.
2 of them I am in close contact with and we still hang out outside of college.

I think the lack of privacy is what gets to a person most. When you have enough people sharing a place, you are almost never there alone.. and sometimes it would be nice to be alone.
I remember going to the stairwell to make private phone calls. neutral

The lack of privacy is definately a thing that gets to me, there isn't room for my computer in my room. It has to go downstairs where everyone walks past, and they've stopped to watch what I was doing, or ask who I was chatting to confused And I can't have a conversation with one of them, without the other 3 listening in.
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I have one roommate and we get along splendidly! We just got assigned together at the dorms, total luck!
Well, she leaves on Friday night and comes back on Sunday night for accountability, with bruises and bite marks all over her that she refuses to explain... me being the nice gentleman that i am I ask and get worried for her but of course she doesnt want to talk sad

Other than that she's an utter delight, and her mother sends stuff like hot cocoa mix and tomato soup to share between us.

Thats a shame sad I'd be worried too.

Glad you get along, and the food sharing thing is a great bonus biggrin sometimes my housemate's mom comes over and offers us some of her cooking. Which is nice, since none of us really ever cook.

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