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I agree with the sex thing, but the living at home thing is a no go. What if you never get married? Or what if you don't want to marry until you're older? Would you really want to live with your parents when you have the maturity and income to live on your own? I certainly wouldn't
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I feel that a man should ask for his girlriend's mother's approval for marriage. Yes, my boyfriend and I live together in my mother's home, but he still needs her approval.
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I believe that men should propose to women. In heterosexual relationships, I mean I don't really have any idea about non-hetero couples and their proposals. And that before the man proposes he should get the father's permission.

I think that's probably my only old fashion belief. Probably because of the way I was raised.
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I personally use "ma'am" and "sir" almost any time I'm talking to adults other than my parents. And I believe in spanking your kids.
Other than that, no, I don't think so.
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I think young girls shouldn't use mace up. My 12 year old sister use it way too much. I'm discusted and horrified (no less) every time I look at her. All her friends do the same. I'm a lot older then she is, but then I was her age, cosmetics, in my opinion, was for women who wanted to find a man!

And I also don't want to take my husband's last name. Unless it's pretty ^_^
Wacko Quacko

Anyway, all I can think of is how I despise how sexual movies can be. DID THAT SEX SCENE REALLY NEED TO BE IN THERE?



I personally am not going to drink or smoke cigarettes/weed. I don't give a ******** if someone else does it, but don't rub it in my face that you do. I don't rub in everybody else's face that I don't. I ******** hate people that assume if you don't do that stuff yourself, you're automatically stuck up and see yourself as superior. e.e Don't make assumptions about me and I won't make assumptions about you. emotion_awesome And then people assume I'm against marijuana. emotion_facepalm Never stated. Actually, legalized and controlled = more money, less crime.
It really annoys me when dumbasses come into school high, like it's a ******** day care, like nobody will notice, and when you made said decision to smoke it, you actually believed you wouldn't still be high once you got to school. What. The. ********]
And especially not drinking. Not even at a party. People never understand my decision, but my mom's a ******** miserable drunk, but let's not get started on that.

I don't think sex should be treated as so casually. Too many teenage pregnancies as is, enough said. I don't give a s**t how responsible said teen parent is, it's still stress on you, others, and not everybody is as responsible as you may be. But then, if you were so responsible in the first place, you'd probably not have that child. (Or children.)

I don't like to wear revealing clothes. I'm uncomfortable even in short sleeves. eek

I don't like couples making out in the middle of the halls. (Who does?!

I'd prefer people had sex in a committed relationship. As many arguments people have against that, I can't help it. xD
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I agree on the casual sex thing. It gets kinda nasty and it's just spreading STDs around more and more. Maybe I'm just too germaphobic.

I also think that men should take care of their woman/family. I always make sure to hold the door open for any women that are entering a store, even if I don't know them.

Another is that I'm highly into well manners. I don't much care about table manners like keeping your elbows off the table, but when it comes to saying "thank you" or what not, I always make sure to. I think it creeps cashiers out because they don't expect someone to be so polite.
I'm gonna be a total hypocrite here, but I think people should wait to have kids until they're married.. It's not fair to the kids. Again a total hypocrite because I didn't wait. But its so much harder when your doing it alone.

You should live with an SO once you are serious.

Sex should be shared with someone you love(not necessarily married) But in a monogamous relationship.
i think people should wait until theyre in a super committed relationship until they have kids (unless the mothers like super rich or something), but its not for moral reasons
idk if thats traditional? its just kinda common sense
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My general views on sex, nudity, and violence are so old-fashioned, they're over two thousand years old.

Romanization, baby. cool
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i believe all women should know how to sew, if men know then that's even better. i also believe men should know their way around tools, if i know how to use a table saw, drill press, and power drill they should too.
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I still abide by the fact that it should be the guy who asks the girl out, though not necessarily because of society; I want it this way because it lets me know that he's genuinely interested and thinks I'm worth the risk of rejection, rather than wondering if he just accepted me out of pity. It's more of a personal confidence booster for me.

I am very adamant on calling adults by "Mr./Ms./Mrs. Lastnamehere." Even when they tell me to call them by their first name, I still use the formal version.

On the opposite end of the spectrum... I love role-reversal within a household. Ideally, someday if I get married, my husband would be the cook and keeper of the house, and I would be the repairwoman and bread-winner. I already take great pride in the fact that I know how to use many more tools than my father, and that I'm the first person in the house to be asked to fix something now. xd
I also think that sex should be saved until a couple is very committed. However, I don't think any less of anybody for doing it beforehand. It's just the way I was raised.
Guys should purpose <3
Guys should always open the door for there girl <3
What are they?

I do. I think sex should be saved for two people inside a committed relationship who have feelings for each other. I think sex is too casual and too "easy" in today's society. And the music these days makes sex look so grimy. I miss the days when people would wait a while to have sex. I also think people (especially women) should live at home until they're married. However, this doesn't mean I judge those who have casual sex or move out before they're married. To each their own! I just personally wouldn't do those things myself.

What are yours, if any? What about any super modern views that not a lot of people have yet? One of mine would be that I wouldn't want to take my husband's last name. I would want to hyphenate. Unless his last name is REALLY fitting and I like his family a lot.

Not to mention the stress of possibly of getting pregnant.......

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