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Oh, boy. I'm sorry you're in the middle of that craziness.

My boyfriend's extended family - aunts, uncles, cousins, etc - like me a lot, I think (I say I think because you never really know how people actually feel). I can say with some confidence that his parents love me. The only real problem I've had was with his dad's behavior when he was drunk and it didn't involve me so much as it did him and his mother. I don't foresee us being in a situation like that again, though.
Yes, I've met just about all of them.
The only thing is the language barrier. D:<
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My and my boyfriend are living with his parents and older brother at the moment. I liked it at first - his mother was so kind and caring but now it has gotten out of control. She is a very… 'high-emotion' type of person and I cannot stand people like that. She comes home from work immediately screaming and bitching about everything and barking out orders and s**t. She also likes to start asking a thousand questions every time I come home from a really long day at work or when I come back from a fire call or something like that. Worst of all SHES NOSY. Oh lord is she nosy. There is no privacy.
When my boyfriend gets a better job and we feel that we are financially stable enough we are definitely moving out.
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When I had one of those I was not fond of them because of the way they treated her. I now loath them for installing those values so deep into her that she now embodies all of their selfishness. They taught me how to truly hate and hate I do. It has consumed me and now there in nothing left but a shell of hatred filled with the various poisons I force into this body in hopes that the hatred will die.
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My former in-laws are lower than ******** scum. They didn't even come to our wedding. I haven't seen them in about 7 years and I have only spoken to them a very few times for only two reasons: Once when my husband was having serious problems and again when my husband died and I had to tell them. I have never wanted anything to do with them. They are beyond worthless.
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I get along with my husband's, especially after having my son and having some way to relate to most of them. {They all of kids and/or do drugs}. I would rather sit around and play board/card games.

Then you have Eevee's family who hate my guts. We used to get along before they knew we were dating. Now I'm not allowed at their homes. The only one that still likes me is her grandma, but that's because she doesn't know.
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My fiance's family is really awesome and welcomes almost everyone with open arms.
It took me a while to open up to them and Im still a bit shy.

Its hard to talk to his step mom, because she has a heavy Filipino accent. Its getting better though.
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I get along with the in-laws that matter, anyway. I don't care what my husband's sisters think of me, they're not really in our lives at all.

My mother-in-law seems to like me well enough, and I'm not sure if my brother-in-law cares one way or the other.
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I have only met some of his family members once. His mother, however, I get along with. She has offered to make me food, cover the price of things when I mention I need to run a few errands, loves my son, lets me stay whenever and as long as I want to, let's leave and come in whenever we want, etc.
She even offered to let me live with her after hearing about my home life until I move out in March.
The only thing mean about her is that she makes us smoke outside. xD
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I love my fiance's family and they love me. C: I'm very lucky. We haven't started wedding planning yet because we don't have the funds, but I have a feeling they'll be more helpful than controlling.

On the flip side, my fiance likes my parents, but I think he's kind of intimidated by my dad. It's understandable, though. My fiance's parents had him when they were around 20, so they're in their early 40s right now. Mine had me when they were 38 and 43, so my parents are in their 60s. I think his parents also didn't really behave like "good" parents until they grew into it a little, so his relationship with them is more lax than mine, if that makes sense.
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theyre a bunch of ******** idiots

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Yep, they are really nice

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