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I do. Sort of. My fiance's family is very friendly and very welcoming. His mother is very sweet, but his dad kind of scares me. confused His brothers and sister are alright.

But lately his mom has been kind of.. controlling? About our wedding plans.
We were looking in to getting a reception hall that we both liked, but she apparently didn't like it and decided to reserve the one that her and her husband used under MY name without telling EITHER of us. I would have been open to considering it, but to do that without even..!? I was pissed. D| But he talked her out of it and she cancled it. We're trying to be as independant as possible and pay out of pocket for as much as we can. I want both sides/parents to be a part of the planning and we understand that if they agree to help with costs, then they should have some say in it, but it's getting kind of out of control. >w< Also, I've never actually been invited to a wedding, so the first wedding I ever go to will be my own. This is harder than I thought. xD

Adding to that, she apparently hates her daughter's girlfriend and wants to secretly ask her to find an excuse not to come. But then she thought of asking said girlfriend's mom to do our wedding cake? O_o... We were like..

Any of you guys had/have problems with in-laws or the family of your Significant Other? Do you get a long okay with them?
I get along really well with my boyfriend's parents. His mom was my Girl Guide leader growing up, so I already knew her very well, and his sister and I were in Guides together.

I've only met his brothers once or twice, but they seem nice enough.
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I'm single right now, but every relationship I've ever been in, I've always fit right in with my partner's family. xd
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I get along with my husband's family better than I get along with my own.
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Reasonably enough I suppose. I don't know if anyone doesn't like me, I don't really pay attention. He's the only one who's opinions I care about. But we've been together long enough that if they have problems with me they'd better suck it up because they're not liking it isn't going to change a damn thing.
I have only ever actually met my girlfriend's sister's kids. They like me okay over the computer, lol (they like to show me their toys over webcam). My girlfriend has told a lot of people about me (her sister's driver, pretty sure the maid knows, her sister, I think her sister's husband, and then various cousins found out about me over Facebook when she posted about me). Her closest cousin is the only one who doesn't like me and I don't get why. I have no idea what it will be like when we attempt to get married in her country. I am a bit terrified of meeting them all. Unlike me, she has a large extended family who are very close and I will effectively be meeting them all on the day of the wedding. I think they're pretty accepting of me, though, already. They were excited that my girlfriend found someone and they're very curious as to who I am. I am a bit nervous about meeting them because I am transgender and I worry about how they'd react (I don't "pass", so they will know...). I am the most nervous about meeting her parents because I'm pretty sure they won't like me because I am transgender. But I don't think my gf will give a s**t if her parents hate me, so I shouldn't either. Speaking of the wedding, though, I'm pretty sure my girlfriend has connections all over her country because of her numerous and numerous cousins, so we'll let them take care of the wedding and the reception (family bonding!). Really I don't care what it looks like, its about family and the celebration of love. It will also be about accepting me into the family formally, I bet.
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        • When I was just dating my husband, his family loved me. They treated me quite well; we had laughs, and even went on a couple road trips together and saw the states while experiencing new things. I think they assumed just because I was his first girlfriend that we wouldn’t last and they should be sweet/cute while it lasted. Once the engagement became news and wedding invites were handed out, suddenly everything was out on the table and their true faces came to the front.

        • I wasn’t a Christian. Big problem.
        • I don’t attend church regularly. Big problem.
        • I wasn’t a virgin. Big problem.
        • Found out we had premarital sex. Big problem.
        • I wasn’t blonde. Why this was a big problem, I’ll never know!

          Granted, our relationships are getting better, especially with his mother, but we have voluntarily cut off contact with some members of the family because of their substance abuse issues. Despite our differences, my marriage is solid. I married him, not the family. And my family loves the hell out of my husband, so we just go to them, haha!

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He gets along with my family, he fits right in.
My family is very welcoming and doesn't scare people away.

His mom has a drinking problem but from what he's told me, she seems nice and sweet but that does change quickly.
I'd love to meet his mom and brother since that's the only family he has in town. The rest of his family's in Guatemala.
My boyfriend's parents are nice to me and we get along but his mom picks fights with him allll the time, even when I'm right in front of them and it's getting really hard not to butt in and tell her to shut up. Tbh she's kind of a huge b***h, she just puts on a friendly act with me.
I'm waiting for the day she finally picks a fight with me to tell her off for all the s**t she puts him through.

Also, you need to let your fiance's mother know she's overwhelming you by not consulting with you before making decisions on your wedding. It's YOUR day. If you let someone else take the reigns it's not going to end up how you want it to. She had her own day already. It's not selfish in any way for you to want your wedding to go as you'd like it to and really anyone who wants to pitch in should do it in support of giving you your dream day, not so they can get a say in it.
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Yes, although we've only met once so far. My boyfriend is old enough that while familial approval is a pleasant addition, it is not a requirement or deciding response to whether or not we remain together. But his daughter seems to like me even if his sister thinks that I am quiet, and his grand-daughter seemed happy when I gave her some anime books that I did not really put to purpose anymore.
I've only really met my boyfriend's family a few times, but they've always been very nice to me, and he gets along well with my family too. Both families have been really supportive of our relationship and what we're doing with our lives which has been awesome.

If my MIL did that I'd be pissed as hell. It's good he talker her out of it, because I would have told her tough luck, we're not having the reception there. We'll likely be paying for our wedding entirely on our own, so that's nice in that we can do what we want, but I still plan on being very firm with anyone that it's my wedding and unsolicited advice is not welcome.
no, they're bat s**t crazy bible thumpers.
i'm polite and cordial on the surface but in my head i'm strangling them then feeding them to their ill behaved dog that likes to ******** up my outfits.

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I don't have an SO but in the past my dates families were fine.
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Despite being with my boyfriend for almost five years, i've had pretty much nothing to do with his family.
We are extreme opposites and have nothing in common, its quite awkward just being in the same room as each other really.
I think we've met three times and had little to no discussion. So I don't know if you can say we get along or not really.
My boyfriends parents just boggle my mind, and sometimes I really just want to tell them they're being huge ******** hypocrites, but I just keep my mouth shut. They like me and enjoy having me over. I don't see the point in ruining that just because their actions sometimes break my brain. Plus, a lot of the things that really get me are things that happened before my boyfriend and I started dating, so there literally is zero point in me saying anything.

My family loves my boyfriend. He's done a lot for my mom with her car and various other things. The rest of my family loves him because he's very polite.

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