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I don't even know if there is a label for me. I haven't been "labeled" since high school.
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I can honestly say I haven’t been called anything significant since junior high, and that happened to be nerd and butt-chin because I have a cleft chin. These days, if I’m called anything, it’s a mother or a geek/dork by my friends. I don’t have much of a social life outside of home and business with other people to get labeled much of anything.

I could honestly be labeled a furry enthusiast and a Skyrim fanatic because, well, I’m a furry enthusiast and I have put in many long hours in Skyrim and pretty much begged and begged and begged to get the new DLC’s from my husband, which he did get me! Yay!

But that’s really it. If I am called things behind my back then I don’t notice.
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Never got labelled...hmm unless being called "sleepy" is labeling...never mind
I was never really labeled anything for most of my life, even in middle and high school I never really heard any label that was put on me frequently enough to be considered a label.

However that has actually changed recently, because I hear one label put on me repeatedly no matter where I go. The only label I ever hear people put on me on a regular basis is "pseudointellectual."

So although people don't specifically use the word "poser" when they label me, "pseudo" is virtually the same thing as a poser, so yes I guess people do consider me a poser.
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I'm a big supporter of labels. They give us vocabulary to describe aspects of our identity that we otherwise might not be able to articulate. We just need more labels; we can't get by with only a few, because then we have people trying to change themselves to fit the label, when it should be the other way around: labels should be available to pick and choose from, and people shouldn't have to change or conform in order to satisfy the label.

I don't think I've ever been called a poser before, at least not to my face. I've never belonged or participated in very many sub-cultures, especially not the ones based heavily on music and fashion. All sorts of labels apply to me (and everyone else here!) just not the ones that are connected to music/fashion sub-cultures.
Yeah people call me a poser all the time. They're like "MOTHER ******** WHY DO YOU HAVE BLACK HAIR? ARE YOU TRYING TO HAVE BLACK HAIR OR SOMETHING?"


you see how this works IRL.

It doesn't
When I was ~15 people kept calling me emo. I didn't understand why, since I personally didn't think I looked emo.
Looking back I can see why they thought that way.

Right now I don't think I fit any sort of label. I dress in a pretty "normal" way, but my hobbies aren't exactly considered normal. Same with some of the music I listen to.
My friends called me a hipster for a while though since I got a pair of "hipster glasses". There really isn't anything else besides the glasses that would classify me as a hipster though, I think. I dunno, I've just never been good with labels since I've never really cared about them.
My top 3 labels are either:

1. Super preppy happy hollister wearing mindless zombie conformist girl...
2. Super ghetto "wanna be black" chick.
3. A b***h or hoe. crying

!!!! scream
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The only stereotype I shamelessly conform to is that of humanism. emotion_awesome
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I really just wear whatever I want, though my love of the Goth subculture always means I'm content to be called one.

I have never been chastised, accused, called out, taunted, bullied, irked, assaulted, imposed, yelled at, made fun of, or called a pouser.

I think its mostly due to me growing up in a community where I was one of maybe 3 who ever dressed alternatively or darkly, meaning it wasn't "oh hey its that Goth/emo/alternative/_INSERT GENERALIZATION OF MY PHYSICAL APPEARANCE HERE_ kid"
It was,"Oh hey its chartreuse."


I sure as hell don't encounter it in college, although I'm kind of surrounded by tanks khaki shorts and flip flops all the time I don't feel out of place at all. xd
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Oh god, let's see...

emo, f*****t, dyke, tranny, fake, slut, nerd, bookworm, a*****e, whore, skank, furry.

Actually, I think these are mostly insults. LOL. I don't care, they don't bother me anymore.
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People call me hipster. emotion_donotwant

I just say I'm alternative.
no, not really...i don't fit any label. i'm kinda normal.

I know people think i'm kinda weird though, but they never told me that in my face.
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I don't even know if I fit a label.
Seeing as I'm a college grad and most people stop labeling after high school... no, no label here.

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