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X sansmerci

I'm already over it. I just posted the thread to vent and ask if anyone had similar situations. They're already back to complaining via status on Skype about how they wish that they weren't fat and it's like.. Welp, I tried to help.

Yeah, mostly peaking from perspective gained from similar situations in the past. It's like, if I wanted to pull teeth, I'd have gotten my DDS. rolleyes

I have enough to change in my own life, y'know?

I can't help people who don't want to help themselves. ;~;
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They are not ready to make a change in their lifestyle and deal with what causes them to eat a lot.
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>be me.
>have friend who dropped out of school.
>run a facebook page with him (well, did).
>says he wants me to help him get his s**t together.
>I agree.
>ask him when he wants to work out and learn and s**t.
>tells me the day.
>arrive on those days.
>instead wants to get high and s**t.
>still is like this to this day.

******** people bro.
meh, then point it out and give them s**t when they complain next time.

You don't need to go out of your way for people who don't have the will to actually go through with their wishes.
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They are lazy.
I can't wait for all the New Years resolutioners to leave the gym.

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They are lazy.
I can't wait for all the New Years resolutioners to leave the gym.

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Geeze.. It's so annoying how people get fat and then complain about being fat, and yet they do nothing about it. They obviously don't want it enough.

Um...I'm not really sure if that has happened to me. I'm sure there was a time when they didn't want to help themselves, though.

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well currently im p sure my mom feels the same way you do about me. supposedly, she wants me to lose weight but she doesn't "believe" in exercising equipment. she also wont let me leave our ******** street. or buy healthy food. then she complains about me not losing weight because i wont do those stupid vcr exercise ball things.

she wont even give me a ******** cell phone so i can go cycling like are you kidding me i had more freedom when i was nine.
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They're probably the kind where you have to find a fun way to work out. I don't like going to the gym, for example. I'd rather walk the beach, bike, go up the mini mountain here, swim, etc. If they call out from things like these, then yea, they don't want to break a sweat.

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