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What crunchy things are you looking to get more into in 2013?

Eating healthier 0.47089947089947 47.1% [ 89 ]
Buying local 0.042328042328042 4.2% [ 8 ]
Recycling 0.047619047619048 4.8% [ 9 ]
Using less fossil fuels 0.042328042328042 4.2% [ 8 ]
DIY & upcyling 0.21164021164021 21.2% [ 40 ]
Activism 0.068783068783069 6.9% [ 13 ]
Other stuff (post your alternatives!) 0.11640211640212 11.6% [ 22 ]
Total Votes:[ 189 ]
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He's acting like that convo never happened now lol.
Whatever. I had an amazing night going out with my best friend, future roommate, and his friend for my roommates birthday.
I'm still drunk. But the night ended with a stripper groping and biting me on the boob lol it was THAT kind of night
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Sounds.... drunk, which is cool? I'm not a drinker but I'm glad you had fun
Hey everyone!

I wanted to post an update on where we are and things we are looking in to doing.

For one, we are more and more getting rid of all chemical cleaners in our house, eating out less and making healthier home made meals, upcycling, and becoming more and more frugal and more awesome.

Our primary goal is to be completely chemical free before baby gets here. And also, we want to have gotten rid of ALL monsanto products.

Did I mention, we found out we are having a boy in just under 5 months? I am nearly 19 weeks pregnant! We will be naming him Kalen Joseph.

The next steps we are trying to take are to be more paper free. We are trying to set aside money to buy our stash of cloth napkins and more dish towels so that we don't need paper towels. Conveniently, we forget to buy paper towels so we haven't had them in months. Our down fall is that we don't have that many dish towels so we end up doing a LOT of laundry.

Another thing is...I've realized that dog food is fairly expensive. I haven't found a way to save money on that yet, apart from going to stores that have better prices. I don't want to sacrifice my dog's nutrition, but I have 3 dogs and thus, dog food doesn't stretch quite as far. Any ideas?

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