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What crunchy things are you looking to get more into in 2013?

Eating healthier 0.47089947089947 47.1% [ 89 ]
Buying local 0.042328042328042 4.2% [ 8 ]
Recycling 0.047619047619048 4.8% [ 9 ]
Using less fossil fuels 0.042328042328042 4.2% [ 8 ]
DIY & upcyling 0.21164021164021 21.2% [ 40 ]
Activism 0.068783068783069 6.9% [ 13 ]
Other stuff (post your alternatives!) 0.11640211640212 11.6% [ 22 ]
Total Votes:[ 189 ]
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Alright...NOW I'm off to bed...for real this time! Kalinka side-tracked me! User Image

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KALINKA!! heart User Image
haha gnite spider heart
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Sparkly Gekko

Get to bed woman!!

Rena- Hi~ Loves joo!
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Sparkly Wench

Well good to know that you don't have to wash cloth diapers everyday. =]
I'd probably end up doing it every two days though.. but who knows... depends on how badly they smell.
I already use towels as bedding for guinea pigs so I have their poopy bedding in a separate laundry hamper and they don't smell horrible.. even with living in a tiny apartment. XD

Co-sleeping sounds wonderful!~
I can't wait until I have a little munchkin running.. or doing whatever babies do.. around the house!~ Hehe!
That sidecar bed thing sound cute though!~
Ashe Windalf's avatar

Sparkly Gekko

I miss cloth diapers..it just got to be too much washing them by hand. I plan on sticking her back in them though once we get a washer and dryer..so hopefully when we move on base.
I am off to bed now too
been googling what's been going on with my stupid mirena stressed
i wouldn't have a clue gonk
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Sparkly Gekko

I think I'll be off to bed as well..

Rena-I thought of getting Mirena after baby 2, but I read it can't be used while nursing, so I'll be sticking with my depo most likely. It worked really well for me.
Kalinka - i got it when noah was 6 weeks old, and i nursed the whole way through xd
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Dangerous Ladykiller

Like the sun through the trees, you came to love me...

cute thread smile i can do art for a banner, if you like. i'm good at bbcode too.

...Like a leaf on a breeze, you blew away.
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*holds out cereal bowl*

Got milk?
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Sparkly Gekko

Morning everyone! Anyone on right now?

EDIT: Rena, really?? Hmm..interesting. Maybe I'll talk to my OBGYN after baby number 2. Whenever that is....I know we'll most likely a 3rd baby..or 4th xD. I just hate having to get a shot every few months and there's no way I could keep up with the pill..
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Good morning!

Kalinka - I had a Mirena while nursing too...I didn't end up keeping it because I kept getting infections, but it's supposed to be fine for nursing moms. So is the copper IUD.

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Divine Bunny

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Nice thread, good to see a support group for it.

Genuine question...been wondering a while.
Does it hurt?
I mean, obviously if the munchkin bites, but if they don't?

I'd imagine it feels really wierd at first, too...
YAY!!! I love this thread!

I'm pro baby nomming my boobs XD

Where I live its seen as....ew dont do that in a public place.... stare then stop looking XD

I'm currently in the 'I have no money but want a baby so badly' so dont mind me cooing over the little'uns.

I cant wait to have my own baby and breastfeed them, even with the chapped n****e and the onset of tiny teeth gonk

Thank you for an awsome thread....now to get pregnant!!!! Where's that turkey baster??

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