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What crunchy things are you looking to get more into in 2013?

Eating healthier 0.47089947089947 47.1% [ 89 ]
Buying local 0.042328042328042 4.2% [ 8 ]
Recycling 0.047619047619048 4.8% [ 9 ]
Using less fossil fuels 0.042328042328042 4.2% [ 8 ]
DIY & upcyling 0.21164021164021 21.2% [ 40 ]
Activism 0.068783068783069 6.9% [ 13 ]
Other stuff (post your alternatives!) 0.11640211640212 11.6% [ 22 ]
Total Votes:[ 189 ]
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Intoxikace - I always used a blanket. stare I mean, use common sense of course...I found those guildlines helpful, but a little too strict in some ways. I would sleep under my own blanket and have a different baby sized blanket over the baby...or just a sleeper on her when it was hot out.

I washed diapers and cloths separately. The nice thing about BF poop is you can throw it in the wash without a problem, but it will stain clothes so it's best to keep it separate. And off-topic stuff is fine. We can talk about boobs a LOT...but not 24/7. lol

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Sparkly Wench

Well I wouldn't use a massive blanket; just a thin fleece one. Hehe.
That would suck not being able to cosleep because of sleeping pills or something though; but it's for the safety of the baby.

Well that's good to know; I just don't want to have a bunch of diapers sitting in the laundry room waiting to be washed. Guess that's why washing machines come with different load settings though. >__< How often did you usually wash cloth diapers? andd do you let them soak in a tub of water or something before you throw them in the washing machine?
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Intoxikace - I would wash every 2 or 3 days. It doesn't take long to get a full load! I didn't soak them, just do a cold wash without soap, then a hot wash with soap. Extra rinse, and that's it.

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I'm sad, I can't co sleep. My mattress is a pillow top , and I don't know if I would buy another one before I had a kid...don't like firm mattresses either D:. I'm thinking a co-sleeping bassinet or putting the crib in the room would be just as good though .

@ Cloth diapers - I intend on using those hybrid cloth diapers with the flush kind (for public) and cloth inserts (for at home) ...I also like the colors and stuff lol .

Even though I don't intend on having a child until I'm at least 22-23 years old ...are manual or electric pumps better? Since I will likely have to pump , I'm going to likely be an office or business manager and that's a 9 to 5 job usually...so I'll have to be able to pump and store the milk (would storing it in a freezer work? ) . Possibly would be able to take the milk home though...not sure.
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Sensorium - We side-carred a crib to out bed. You could do that!

If you're pumping daily it's best to go with a nice electric pump. I've heard good things about Medela pumps. I have a manual pump because I wasn't using it very often. And yes, you can freeze milk and store it. biggrin

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Yeah I like to look at houses, and I look at houses with enough room for a crib. My room already has enough to fit a crib, likely won't live here granted razz . My room is like 13x14 or 14x13 I think though. My grandma used to keep a crib in here though along with a double bed, so It think it'd work.

I'm thinking I'd get a nice electric one then get a manual one for back up (like if I'm in a rush and forget it or something) . Like I'd get the cheap manual one and keep it in my desk or something...I think it's sensible.

My staff will think I'm weird storing breast milk in the freezer , and a pump in my drawer but hey if I can keep it safe and sanitary , why not? lol . I may be able to keep a mini freezer ...
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Sparkly Gekko

Finally! Yay for breastfeeding. Thanks for making such a great thread! I hope to help in anyway possible..
We have a crib sidecared . after talking to Spider.

cosleeping makes BFing tons easier for me.
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Sensorium - Just label the milk well and I wouldn't worry about storing it in the staff fridge. I only say that so nobody will drink it...not because I freak out over that kinda thing, but because it SUCKS when something happens to milk you went to all the trouble to pump! It seems like liquid gold to you at first. lol

Kalinka - Yay! You're here! I need to add you to the staff list tomorrow.

Rayne - Indeed it does! Sometimes I wake up with a boob out and don't remember how it go there!

Anyway, I have to go to bed. It's late for me. Yay for the thread being a success!

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Sparkly Gekko

Emlyn's crib is in our room...
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Kalinka - That's still considered cosleeping. Technically we bed-share, but sleeping in the same room is still considered cosleeping.

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I do too.


Much easier than getting out of bed and everything.

Kalinka <3
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Sparkly Gekko

Yep, pretty sure Brad found that out..he likes to research stuff..
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Actually, we're doing a bit of a combo now. She has her own bed in our room. Sometimes I sleep in her bed with her, sometimes I don't. The big thing is I can lay down to nurse her back to sleep. It is kinda nice to have my own bed back to just us adults though. User Image

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Sparkly Gekko

Rayne! Love! Haha..I'm glad Spider finally made this thread..

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