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What crunchy things are you looking to get more into in 2013?

Eating healthier 0.47089947089947 47.1% [ 89 ]
Buying local 0.042328042328042 4.2% [ 8 ]
Recycling 0.047619047619048 4.8% [ 9 ]
Using less fossil fuels 0.042328042328042 4.2% [ 8 ]
DIY & upcyling 0.21164021164021 21.2% [ 40 ]
Activism 0.068783068783069 6.9% [ 13 ]
Other stuff (post your alternatives!) 0.11640211640212 11.6% [ 22 ]
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Whistling Gypsy

I find this interesting what was your Dad's argument against breast feeding. Breast milk contains way more nutrients, creates a stronger bond, and is free. How could he back up an inferior and more costly method to nuturing your baby?

His argument was that formula is just as good. I'm not sure why he is against it. He is very old fashioned or something. So he thinks breasts are indecent I suppose. His children were either not breastfed or weren't for very long. I tried to explain to him my reasoning... but to each their own I suppose. But when I asked him about breastfeeding when I come home... he said I better not do it around him... and if we go out I had best pump and bring a bottle... I CANT pump. ><

I know Rena. It's just I want to wear a strapless cocktail dress I saw at the store. And for obvious reasons, I dont think that will work. Well it MIGHT. But I'm thinking it wont.

I'm Karlee and I breastfed my son until he was about 5 months old.

Now I'm relactating. :] And it's not going amazingly well...but I am improving a little. =D

Kudos on the thread <3
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I support this thread 100%! =D
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Sparkly Wench

@ Panda; wear a little button up shrug type thing over the dress?!
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Never thought of it like that.
I would just be worried about my new baby being hungry.
Can you start pumping as soon as your milk comes in; or should you just throw your baby on the boob as soon as you have them? Then just nurse when you are sitting around the house?

You nurse them as soon as possible after birth. In most cases, immediately. For the first few days all the baby needs is the colostrum your body produces before your milk comes in. They don't eat much, just a few tablespoons. Then your milk comes in a few days after birth...although, up to a week is totally normal! The baby will not starve though, so don't worry. Your breasts work via supply and demand. The more they nurse, the more milk you produce...so early on they need to nurse often to get your milk production started.

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I could try a shrug. I just need to see how it fits first. Because if it's like form fitting... I'd have to unzip just to nurse so heh. That wouldn't be great.

That was helpful Spider.
Gives me another option.

EDIT: but they all are practically family. So I'm hoping I wont have any trouble. Seeing as I'm coming 3500 miles to watch my sister compete. And they're ALL people who have known me since I was like 11. ><
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Sparkly Wench

Oh dear; sounds like once I make a baby I'll be doing a lot of sleeping with a baby on me. ;p
I guess that depends on how often is often though.. I'm thinking every two hours! o__o

Can you almost 'train' your nipples to get used to nursing a bit before you have the baby? Just so it's not as painful?
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Intoxikace - That's why we cosleep! I could just pop in the boob and go back to sleep! lol

And there isn't anything you need to get your nipples ready. They'll be a little sore at first, but PAIN means something is WRONG.

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Even though we stopped about 6 months ago (BFing) Me and Noah still occasionally co-sleep
It's just better for his peace of mind if he has a rough night, or i just need snuggles with my boy it's win-win basically xd
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Sparkly Wench

Haha; that is great!~
Co-sleeping is safe right? Seems like it would be so much more convenient!~

Oh god; my boyfriend is going to hate me once we make babies.. he already thinks I'm crazy enough for wanting to cloth diaper. rofl
Not pregnant or a mother , but I intend on breastfeeding some day, so I support this thread 3nodding .

I'm not against mothers who formula feed though, especially if something was wrong with their breasts, or their milk supply , or something like that...but I will hopefully not let formula touch my baby's lips razz .
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Intoxikace - Yep! It's totally safe provided you take a few safety precautions. Cosleeping safety checklist. Plus the older they get the less you have to worry about.

You sound like my kind of people! I cloth diapered my daughter. I loved it! I wish we were in cloth now too...but we don't have a washer at the moment. sad

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Haha; that is great!~
Co-sleeping is safe right? Seems like it would be so much more convenient!~

Oh god; my boyfriend is going to hate me once we make babies.. he already thinks I'm crazy enough for wanting to cloth diaper. rofl

My son woke up crying, so he is out here cuddling me, he saw your sig pic and went: BOB!
rofl rofl rofl
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Shar - I've read that something like 80% of families cosleep at least part of the week....they just don't realize it. xd Like recently my mom mentioned when she was keeping my nephew that every night at 2:30 he would wake up and get in bed with her and my dad...apparently he does it at home every night too....yet my sister wouldn't consider that cosleeping.

Hey Sensorium! biggrin

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Sparkly Wench

Boo for the no sleeping with blanket thing.. would I just be able to use a light blanket?
-hates sleeping with clothes on- >__<

Cloth seems like it would be really nice; getting everything seems like it would be a little expensive at first but the saving money thing is great!~
At first my boyfriend was totally against it; but now he's fine with it as long as we can use disposables when we go out.. -so does not want to carry around a used diaper at wal-mart-

Can you wash the diapers with other baby clothes? or is it advised to keep clothes and diapers separate.
(I'm sorry I went off topic >___< wink

I loves my spongebob siggie!!~ heart

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