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What crunchy things are you looking to get more into in 2013?

Eating healthier 0.47089947089947 47.1% [ 89 ]
Buying local 0.042328042328042 4.2% [ 8 ]
Recycling 0.047619047619048 4.8% [ 9 ]
Using less fossil fuels 0.042328042328042 4.2% [ 8 ]
DIY & upcyling 0.21164021164021 21.2% [ 40 ]
Activism 0.068783068783069 6.9% [ 13 ]
Other stuff (post your alternatives!) 0.11640211640212 11.6% [ 22 ]
Total Votes:[ 189 ]
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"Crunchy? Granola? What the heck are these people talking about?!"

Welcome to Crunchy Folks - A Natural Living Support thread. In case you're wondering, "crunchy" and "granola" are slang terms used to describe people who strive to live more naturally or somewhere outside the mainstream. If you're a little crunchy or a lot, come join the discussion! Not crunchy? That's okay too! Just be respectful and feel free to ask questions!

Some common topics here include gardening, breastfeeding, recycling, DIY, sewing, natural cleaning products, pregnancy, alternative education, organic cooking, attachment parenting, going green, human rights, etc.

Please note: Crunchy Folks is a Pro-Intact thread.

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* Follow the TOS.
* No spamming.
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* No flaming.
* Please keep quote trees to a reasonable length.

* Stating an opinion is fine, but please me respectful of everyone in the thread. Friendly debate and playful banter is fine...however arguing and bickering will NOT be tolerated. We would like to keep this thread as drama-free as possible! Have a problem with somebody else? Take it to PMs! If drama starts in the thread those involved may be temporarily banned till things calm down and return to normal.

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75 Things You Can Compost, But Thought You Couldn't
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The WHOLE Network
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Above The Ignorance

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Progressive Phonics

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Username: SpiderMum
Name: Kim
Children: Dani (3) & Oscar (1)
Some Interests: Lactavism, Intactavism, sewing, knitting, crafting, alternative education...

Moderators -
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Username: Alarmingly Charming
Name: Jess
Children: Teagan (3) & Zander (2)
Some Interests: Lactivism, Intactivism, reading, needle tatting, sewing, roleplaying...

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Username: Call Me Stephanie
Name: Stephanie
Children: Maddy (2)
Some Interests: activism, Intactivism, ball joint dolls, body mods, gardening, art, reading...

Oh wow. Just when I thought I saw it all.. Lactation support? I'm all for breastfeeding all the way but... Hmmm... A whole support group dedicated to it?

Good luck.
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»»» I must admit, I used to think breastfeeding was a very... gross process. sweatdrop But when my cousin started breastfeeding her babies, I saw how natural it was and how healthy it was for the baby.

I fully support this thread!

Questing Pale Marionette, help?
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Th3_Thr3ad_Kill3r - BFing mamas need all the support they can get! I've been very lucky to have a great La Leche League group in my area, but not everyone is so lucky...so support online can be really helpful too.

Kcscooter - thanks for the support!

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La Piewacket
Have you got any links on inducing lactation for a woman who hasn't been pregnant?
(IE: Adopting a very young child.)

KellyMom - Adoptive Breastfeeding and Relactation

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We don't even have a LLL in our area. And breastfeeding support isn't common here. ><
Seems like the majority of people are doing formula - which isn't bad... it's just hard to find people to belong with.
When I went to a WIC briefing, out of like 10 families with infants, I was the ONLY one breastfeeding there. ><
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Rayne - Yay! Good to see you here! I PM'd Brooke so I'm hoping she'll be around shortly.

I'm surprised you haven't found more support in Cali...it's a shame. It's hard when you're the only one. sad

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Lactivating xd
love it
I'm rena, or Shar, and i have two kids, Adara and Noah, i breast fed them both till they decided to up and quit on me gonk
Yeah. Well I'm also in the desert.
In a military community.

I'll give WIC and the OBGYNs credit. They do educate about breastfeeding and encourage.
I'm surprised it is not more popular than it is.

Luckily, I have no had any issues with breastfeeding in public and whatnot. Sometimes we drive some guys around, and I'm with Todd... and I think they've learned to deal, that Austin is breastfed.
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Hey Shar! biggrin

Rayne - My father used to FLIP OUT about me nursing....but he eventually got over it. rofl

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Spider! terrific thread smile

Hi all I am a mom of 4 and own a childcare. I nursed all 4 of mine though not currently nursing I am a total advocate and sometimes have ideas that help!

I am good with ideas to continue nursing if you have to go back to work and counsel new moms through the transition!

I totaly belive hman babies NEED human milk smile GO mommy milk!
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Rebecca! yay, more familiar faces! I'm glad to have some former nursing-moms here too...your advice is invaluable!

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Well, if we are going to be assisting those guys by driving them around.
They're going to deal with it.
The first and last time we went out to dinner with them, they were like O_o. But I went about my business. And since then, no comments.

I'm nervous how my father will react. ><
Hopefully, it won't be a issue.

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