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I love you to no end, but it's irritating when you pen the little things on me. It's not my job to take the dog out in the morning-- it's both of ours. It's not my job to do the dishes-- it's both of ours. I'm sorry that my two jobs doesn't make enough to pay for our rent, but you don't have to be irritated and get mad when I don't have enough money to give you. I'm already giving you all that I can, why is that not enough?

And yet, when I come home from work late at night, you massage my swollen feet, and you make me a sandwhich, and then I forget why I was ever mad at you.
I don't love you at all. I want to be with my ex again...
I trust you completely but I wouldn't be surprised to find out you'd cheated.

Also; I hate that you do EVERYTHING your mum asks of you.
I love you so much I'm afraid I'll feel resentful of the child we've wanted for so long for taking some of our alone time away. I need you to teach me how to love more than one person at once.
The sex was awesome last night, if only you could last longer. xp
I think I'm a better driver than you.
Not that you're bad... I just think I'm better.
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I'm tired of being the one who spends the most. I want you to treat me. Even though were long distance, you could send me something like I do to you. You have no idea how much I'd appreciate and love it.
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I don't understand why you'd think you're a bad boyfriend. You are the best boyfriend I've ever had. I'm grateful that I get the chance to date my friend of 6 years. You were always the first person I called whenever I was feeling sad or lonely, and you always cheered me up. I'm glad I gave my virginity to you, and I'm flattered you gave me yours as well. I've shared so many "firsts" with you.

I always get giddy inside when you mention marriage or kids.

I'm terrified that this relationship will just end up like all my past relationships.

I'm scared you'll leave me for someone else.
U treated me like everyone wanted and never actually listen to what I always wanted, Some ******** FUN in my life. You are immature, disgusting, small, lazy and a God Fanatic. I feel good I ******** break up with you. I am now enjoying going out with friends, ******** drinking all I want and simply having the type of fun I wanted.

Loose some pounds and finally focusing on myself.

PS. ******** U! I miss you...
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I really dislike the whole party/drinking scene, but I know you enjoy that. I don't want to be the kind of girlfriend that's a drag to be around and becomes controlling, so I try to be as supportive as possible when you go out with your friends occasionally to a party or to the bar. I'm sorry I get quickly irritated when you come home drunk, I just really hate to see you look like that. I know deep down you drink alcohol to escape from your emotions and because you don't have a lot of friends, so it's the only thing you can think of to do with them.
I'll do anything to make you happy, and if you want to go out sometimes and get drunk even though I would prefer you didn't, I'll still kiss you goodbye and wish you a great night.
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I really get sick of how lazy you are sometimes. I'm done covering for you and saving your a** because you're not organized to get your s**t together in time. And you can wash your own damn dishes.

And yet, I love you & miss you terribly. You've already changed my life in so many wonderful ways; you're there for me like no one else ever is or was. I just wish we could be together again sooner.
I'm sorry I'm so awkward in public with you sometimes. I've never had a boyfriend I actually wanted to be seen in public with and so I don't know how to act. Not like you do either, so...

I'm so afraid of saying something stupid or coming across as unloving that sometimes I just do really dumb things or say really weird things. I'm sorry. My first and only ex dumped me because we never spoke and he thought I didn't like him, so I'm worried that that'll become a consistent problem.

Some of your habits are really annoying and weird and inconsistent with the level of productivity you have when you work. It's irritating but you somehow twist things around to make them seem okay. As long as it's not detrimental to you I guess it's not a big deal.

I really wanted to kiss you properly last night and I kind of regret not doing so. At least I got myself to kiss you on the cheek, that's better than nothing. I think I'm going to remedy this when I see you in about an hour.
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I wish your hair was longer...[To him]
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I know she was your first love but I hate that you still love her. I know you say you love me and you want both of us, but why arent I good enough for you all by myself?
I know better then to doubt myself around you but that doesnt stop me from doing it.

I hate that you wont open up to me. Just becuase she hurt you doesnt mean Im going to. Im not her no matter how much alike we are.

Edit: I know that she was your first love and I know I said it was ok that you still love her but in truth I hate it. I only hate it because Im scared of losing you to her. You are so sweet and caring and are supporting me through the whole medical deal, I dont want to lose the best thing in my life. I know you want both of us but I want to know why im not good enough for you by myself.

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