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idk why people think that s**t looks good. if you can tan naturally that's awesome. if you're pasty as s**t like me that's awesome too.

idk why people wanna look orange or why people wanna go bake in the sun or beds like they're a piece of bacon being fried. enjoy the wrinkles sun spots and melanoma.
Captain Smutty
.................................... She's bloody orange... her hands literally look like she dipped them in neon orange paint..
The only time I feel okay taking her out, is when it's after 10:00 PM and the lights are dim. Honestly, I have mentioned it to her that I think she should cut down on it for a while, that I seriously don't care what shade her skin is, honestly she tries too hard.
Other then that, her personality is awesome. And shes smart, yet she's dumbing down to stupid stereotypes..
She is an amazingly beautiful girl only, she seems to have it in her head that she has to have disgustingly orange skin trying to get a tan, for me to be attracted to her. I'm naturally quite tanned, and she seems to compare our skin tones.. A LOT.

There's a contradiction in this post. Smart people don't use fake tan. Ever. She's dumb and probably shallow. You just don't want to see that.
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Could it be that maybe she's insecure about her skin tone because of how people compare your skintones? Maybe friends had said something to her and it stuck and now she feels like the only way she can be seen beautiful is if she's closer to your skin tone. Sometimes the smallest thing can be inserted into a girls mind when it comes to her physical appearance and she'll try her hardest to fix whatever "problem" she thinks there is. Did you actually tell her straight out "Honey, you look quite silly, why are you doing this?" or something along those lines.

Honestly, my mom's the palest person in the world and she goes to a tanning saloon because her boyfriend is like...the darkest of dark. So, she thinks if her skintone is dark and if she adds a ghetto lisp onto her words and pretends hard enough to be black, he'll be more accepting of her and would want her to stay around. I'unno. That's what your story reminded me of.
Why does it bother you what other people want to do with their bodies?
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Buttery Biscuit Face
Captain Smutty
Buttery Biscuit Face
Captain Smutty
Buttery Biscuit Face

Why should I waste my time on this thread checking for updates?


Two things that are wrong with this picture.

Unless you were speaking directly to your computer, the "Reply" followed with "Type" isn't actually needed. Or vise versa, in some cases. So really all you would have to do is "reply".



Also, why did you waste your time on posting YET AGAIN, on this thread? Unless it has something to do with having the last word. Oh, and you contradicted yourself. I haven't a clue why, and I don't really care. Make this interesting for me would you?


But if you just replied and then submitted... there would be nothing to read.

And because I get stuff. Simple as that; same reason I'm replying again now. Although that isn't always the case. What can I do to make it interesting?

Actually no. Otherwise, "Sumbit" and "Done" would most likely leave nothing to read. Depending on use of word. To you as to type, to reply is to type, to type is to reply. Therefore, you reply, sumbit, and read. A three step action.

I am not sure, do you sing? Write poetry? Make animal shaped waffles or pancakes?

No.. type is "to write on a typewriter; typewrite or keyboard." Source - if you really need one *sigh*. Might as well give you one now in case you ask for one later; further wasting my time.

So therefore you would:

>click on reply

Your theory would be correct for some other sites, but gaia doesn't reply for you. You have to type what you want to submit in to the reply box.

The fact that you just went and wasted a bunch of time looking up the definition for "Type" when really, it is you typing your message which would equal a reply. Of course you sumbit your message. I never said Gaia replies for you. And also, last I check there is no reply button there is a "Quote" button. When someone leaves a message on your thread, you reply, which is to type, and then you sumbit. Good try though.

Jesus christ, I can't believe I'm having an argument about the difference between "reply" and "type". It's so stupid.

You really think it takes a long time to look up the definition of "type"? You must really suck at searching for stuff.
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Captain Smutty
Captain Smutty
Oh really? Luckily I don't care what you would do.
I'd more likely want to know why she had a sudden turn of personality as of late- thinking I want her to change the way she looks.

Hmm, oh my! This must mean I actually care about my partner! -shocked expression-


Why did you even post this in the lifestyle discussion then?
If you're not looking for a discussion or other peoples opinions why did you even bother posting? There's no discussion here otherwise.
We don't know your girlfriend, we have no idea why she'd change randomly.

If you care about your partner so much, how about you do the mature thing and have an adult conversation with her and tell her how you feel? -shocked expression-

Fail. On your behalf.

Yes, because I'm the one who posted a thread on an anime based forum website asking for advice from strangers instead of talking to my significant other right away, and then rejected everyone's opinions/advice. rolleyes lol
Problem was solved long ago. To people who honestly see fit to keep posting on here, don't bother, thread is done. Thanks.
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So what are you getting at? Do you want help from us on how to tell her her skin looks kinda fugly? Or are we discussing the lifestyle of a spray tanner?

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