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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.I don't exactly "celebrate" Chrismas, but I do get gifts on that day!
What do you want for the holiday?
What do you have planned to give as a present?
If you don't celebrate this holiday, what do you celebrate instead?

im not christian, but i do xmas for my family and friends. its a good time to come together with everyone. not to mention get some free goodies.
I love seeing the family. O; <3
And the decorations.
All I really want this year is a d40, but it's too expensive so I asked for art supplies instead. :3

My favorite part of the holiday, honestly? Wrapping presents and watching my little cousins unwrap them. xD They have so much fun.
Too me its nothing, too my family jesus.
I dont mind Christmas but this whole thing of shopping for everyone drives me insane. It's not the present giving really that bothers me, its the idea behind it. Practically you can spoil your kids or who ever in one day. What if this Christmas thing was celebrated every year? I mean does the rules of gift giving only apply on holidays? If i had money I would buy presents every month for my friends and family just to show my appreciation for what they have done for me. Thats the same way with couples. Do husbands only give their wives flowers on occasions? Some go the distance and do it at least once a week to give the house that uplift.
I love seeing my family and my friends from college. The whole concept of receiving gifts doesn't matter much to me as before this year though. I love giving too ^^

Plus...Christmas lights make me happy, lol.
Christmas means being with the family and having a great time
Like most americans, christmas is mostly about gifts since I'm an atheist. It's also about wearing ruffled marabou trimmed skirts, gloves and tops, such as what you see on my avatar.
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well i guess it means the birth of jesus to a lot of christians... idk though im jewish
Christmas usually means a headache. Between trying to find the right present, and having my mother-in-law demand to take my children to church with her, this year is starting to look really, really bad.
first of all, it's Christmas not chrismas. for me it means going up north to see my family and reading books all day or sledding because there's nothing better to do. or playing in the woods and looking for the bears. not a good idea but thats how i found my cats mom two years after we got the cat so hey, it's worth it.
i personally love christmas. It means spending time with family and triends although, it can be stressful or boring at times. I want to get laptop for christmas and maybe some clothes. I want to get my bf some cologne or something.

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