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A Letter From Janelle
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A Letter From Janelle
Revie Creation
A Letter From Janelle
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no clue what PA. don't expect people from other countries to know the abbreviations for your 51 states. do you know what BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, QC, NB, NL, NS, PE, NU, YT, NT are, probably not without googling it. Please just right out the entire state name emotion_donotwant

Oopsie daisy.
PA= Pennsylvania.

that's just bellow Ontario, seriously not that much of a temperature difference rolleyes

Which is why I perhaps couldn't pull it off. I want the summer already! There's snow on the ground here... ._.

But I heard it's beautiful up there. I've only been to Niagara falls.. Both sides..but ya know..they wouldn't me go any farther than the designated tourist grounds. "/

you googoo eyed Finland which is just as far north as Canada, actually it's further north than our provinces. just FYI

I also decided to take you up on your challenge.
BC sounds like British Columbia.. Or Bradford county (in Pennsylvania) xD
AB ...First thought of Albuquerque first, tbh. Haha Alberta.
SK.. No idea. O.o South korea. jk.
MB...Again, no idea.
ON ...Ontario, I'd assume.
QC- Quebec? I sure hope.
NB NEW BERTA. kidding. No idea. honestly.
NL ...ugh.
NS is totally Nova Scotia. I thought that was a kickbutt name.
PE Ughh...
NU NU idea. sad
YT? Ykon? Or.. Ukon? Hah. I always thought it would be spelled with a U, personally. And That's just an utter guess since I can't guess what the t would be.

All in all.. I stink at geography. My apologies.
We Pennsylvanian's get very lazy at spelling our state out. PA is long enough for us xD
Good try. ^_^ And it's spelled Yukon. :9