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I used to be so nice in high school, and then people would call me a b***h behind my back. I don't know what I did wrong, maybe I just give off this bad vibe. Everyone would talk about everyone, but people were especially cruel to me. Some of them said really mean things, people who I thought were my friends.

Do you know any back stabbers?
Have you ever been back stabbed?
Would you confront a friend who talked about you badly behind your back?
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Most of my old friends are back stabbers. That's why I don't hng out with them anymore.
I've ben on both ends of back stabbing and its not fun.
I confronted them as soon as I found out. Made a huge scene out of it.
It's because you care too much about how others perceive you.
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It must hurt to be stabbed in the back, even more so if the blade goes through a lung or something.
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Yup I have been back stabbed. The b***h is now rotting in jail for a few months at least for selling drugs.
Do you know any back stabbers?
There's a ton in my school and in those bad neighborhoods that Mommy and Daddy always tell me to stay away from.

Have you ever been back stabbed?
Yeah, I had to get stitches.
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I don't know what the hell my ex-girlfriend told my old friends, but they would not talk to me at the end of the year of my Junior year back in high school.

I'm betting she said some really random and untrue s**t behind my back.

The best part of the story is that said friends of mine would talk s**t behind her back about how she was a drama queen. Yet they ditched me in two seconds flat.

Oh people.

Do you know any back stabbers?
I did but none of them are in my life.

Have you ever been back stabbed?
Yes that I have been..And probly even now for all I knows..... ninja

Would you confront a friend who talked about you badly behind your back?
No,would just let it go.
I know the feeling. I've been called b***h and get angry at for absolutely no reason by people I've haven't even met/talked to.
Bottom line? People will always have something bad to say about you and often you did nothing to deserve it. Ive been ridiculed for things from who im friends with to how i dress. Ive had friends do the backstabbing and the best thing is to just cut ties with them because no one needs people like that in their lives.
Yes, yes, and yes...
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I don't care if people are talking bad behind my back- as long as they're too scared to say it to my face, they're still the weaker organism-
In other words, I'm the hunter, they're the prey.
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The only backstabbing I partake in is in vidya games. Just for the lulz.
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This is why I believe that no one can be trusted. neutral

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