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PTSD, Agoraphobia, Social anxiety,
Panic Disorder, and Generalized Anxiety
Disorder here.

o ~o;;

Dating someone who's pretty much afraid
to leave the house can be difficult, you've
got a lot of serious problems to face if you
plan on dating him long term. I'm not trying
to be a downer, but it's something that you
have to mentally prepare yourself for if you
plan on being serious with your relationship.

My fiancé had to go through a lot to get
accustomed to living with me, and it might
help you out a lot to try going to his therapy
sessions with him.
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I have really bad anxiety, and can't go anywhere alone. If i do, Im constantly thinking people are staring at me and talking about me. But ive had things happen when i was 3 that are the cause of it
exactly, it used to be i couldnt walk any where without my mom. because she was the person i was most comfortable with but now its someone else twisted
Yeah, i always have to have my husband go w me places, but he gets mad at me n starts yelling... so then i cant go at all.
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I've never been officially diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, but I often struggle with anxiety which has been progressively getting worse as stress increases in my life. My worries are always irrational and highly unlikely to ever occur in my life, but I worry excessively about them anyway. Usually when I have a problem with anxiety I get distant, sensitive, upset, nervous, and I hate to be alone. I dread going to bed; the anxiety always worsens tenfold at night.

I know it can be pretty difficult to deal with a person with anxiety, especially when you're dating them. As a person who has a very real problem with it, I find that I need someone with a lot of patience in dealing with me sometimes. We need support. Someone to talk to. Reassurance. Just try your best to understand. You can't always convince your boyfriend to not be afraid, but you can be there for him while he rides the fear out. It's all you can really do.
Ignacio Egnatius

i know!! you're his sister!!! hahaha! XDDD
haha. XDD like, he never leaves home without with somebody. so that could mean she is his sister and at the same time his girlfriend. incest. but.. how cool is that?? haha see ya around. XDD

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