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I personally beleive, that different generation relationships are quite arousing. For example: Robin [Teen Titans] paired up with Slade, is undoubtfully hot. wink
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It doesn't seem like a big deal to me...
In fact, I'm 22 and I like this one girl...and she's 17.
Well...I'm a girl in real life,but I'm 16 and my gf is about to turn 25... ://

I don't care.If you love somebody,then you love them and there's nothing you can do about it.
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Age is just a number.
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Age is just a number.

That's exactly what me and my bby said!
If you're in love, you're in love, age shouldn't matter
I usually tend to like girls younger than me, but I never go outside a 3 year range just for my own securities. I'd like to be at least kind of on the same maturity level as who I'm with.
I like guys older than me because most of the younger guys are just immature, but then again I found some older guys to e immature too I guess to just depends on the type of person the one you want to be is
I personally don't like dating people younger than me, because no offense but I find high school kids really immature still. But considering that you're a lesbian and there isn't that many people that are as open about it as how heterosexuals are open with their's, so you can't be really picky ish?
I'm 26, and for maturity reasons I've learned the hard way to draw the line at 21 or 22 in a female, and older than me in a male.
I'm 22 and it seems like I've only dated girls younger than myself. I suppose after so long of doing something, it's only natural to have curiousity about the other. I dated a few girls older than I, one being... significantly older than myself... sweatdrop I always thought they would be more mature.

From my experiences, I was horribly mistaken lol. Age really doesn't matter in my opinion, within reason. Someone who is a few years younger could surprise you (in good ways OR bad), but it's the same with someone older.

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