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I've been thinking for a while that Id like to find an older girlfriend because I really don't like girls my own age. Being 16 I'm consenting in my state. I'm not looking for too much older than me maybe 18 or 19.

For you older ladies(guys too I geuss but I don't really care :> ) would being with a younger girl bother you at all? Whats the youngest you would go?

For people outside of the relationship with an age gap what are your views on them? Would a younger girl being with another girl 3 or 4 years older than her bother you moreso than a straight or MalexMale relationship with the same age difference?
well the guy im with is 17, but when i first met him and for the next 3 weeks i thought he was like 20 sweatdrop by then i was hooked and didn't care. So hes 17, and im 19 :3

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didnt see same-sex part, oops whee

well i dont see why it would be different in a homosexual than it would heterosexual...but heres a girl-on-girl approach, i think its fine as long as you're both okay with it. I was 16 and 'dated' a girl that was 19 wink
I prefer to date older guys or at least my age.

Just realised that you are talking about same sex relationships. Ignore my post.
i like to date older girls just becuase i think they have something to teach me but i only got like 2 years older like im 15 and my gfs 17 =)
im so happy with her.
to be fair I've never actually 'dated' a girl.

Yet I tend to get crushes on younger ones ololol.
to me i really don't mind about age difference unless there is like a huge gap. i've dated someone who was 4 years older than me and also dated someone 2 years younger than me. But i tend to date guys upt to 6 years older than me and down to 3 years younger than me. its just how i am but i do think i would go out with someone with an big age gap if i had feelings for them and they had the same feelings for me
I'm dating a boy who's younger than myself; he's 18 and I'm 20. Now, I'm bisexual, so my obvious lack of objection to reasonable age gaps would carry over - I don't see how the girl being a few years younger would change how I felt about them.

I would draw the line at... probably 17.
I would like a guy tht is older than me but not too old(I like somebody juz older than me 1 year)
i'm 19.. and i think the youngest i would go is about 16... i just find it adorable having a younger gf...anywho age shouldn't be a problem really... 3 or 4 years apart is alright especially in girl Xgirl relationships seeing as females do tend to mature alot faster then guys... however it isn't true for all guys..anywho.. it's great you want an older gf! hope you find someone
When I was 19, I had a thing for a bit with a guy who was 36. It didn't really work. Likewise, in my late twenties / early 30's I had a couple of relationships with guys who were 18 (their idea, not that I minded) and that didn't work either.

I think that a few years either way doesn't matter, but past a certain point, there is a gap of different attitudes, priorities and experiences that can get in the way.

Naturally, age-of-consent laws exist and, however one feels about that, it needs to at least be considered. Don't rule out older women, but realize that age can matter.
Ok, I am 29 this month. The oldest person I have been with is now 50 (was with this person a long time ago not gonna say wether I was 18 or younger), so thats 21 years older, the last time I was with someone younger, they acted like an idiot, but that was when I was in junior high, like 15 years ago.

I think as of now if I were to find someone younger, it wouldn't be too bad. I would maybe go back as far as 4-5 years. Same as older, just depends. My father was 13 years older than my mom when they got married. When it comes to loving someone, it doesnt matter on age, looks or anything like that. It is all attitude. You love them for them. If you want to find someone younger, then more power to you. Good luck to you
I answer to your last question, absolutely not!

I'm gay, and 17, and would much rather date someone a little older (about the same amount as you stated), than someone my own age. At least from the boys I've met my own age, I feel that way...

So no, I see no problem!
more opinion? =D

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