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So many negative/simplistically-directed responses surprised

It's interesting because most people that are attractive are associated with negative things because MOST of them are the type to make fun of others.....
.....as are MOST people, ugly or not, that are posers in general.

Because of that stereotype, it's quite common to see gorgeous adults that are actually quite friendless due to others being jealous/biased.

In the end: I'd treat the pretty person the same as everyone else; accordingly to their personality.
There's nothing wrong with flirting xD

If I meet someone hot I pretend I have no interest in them, and act aloof
I'd talk to them, duh. Is there any other answer? I would say that I'd flirt with them, but since it's literally impossible for me to talk to anyone who isn't a small child or a relative without flirting with them, that's kind of a given.
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I don't notice if there are hot people in the room or not. I'm already dating someone, so I don't pay attention to anyone else's attractivness.
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find out if they'd be up for a threesome.
Sometimes i find it difficult to respond in a normal way to an attractive person. I usually just want to look at them and admire their beauty but i know that that is just weird. So i tend to look at them quickly (like 1 sec) and then turn away cause i don't want to be rude. It's not always meant to be pervy, for instance i'd really just like to draw them but i can't because well that's kinda weird.. Especially if i don't know them. If i'm single and i like their personality i'd probably flirt with them.
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ỳoύя jύsτ αs soƒτ αs α ℓíoи ταмe∂
ỳoύя jύsτ αs ωєτ αs τhє єvєиíиg яαíи


That hot person? It's me.


ỳoύя ℓovє ís ∂яívíиg мє…
ỳoύя ∂яívíиg мє íиsαиє

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I don't really care for "hot people" too much + I have a boyfriend, and I'm usually flirted with, so..
I don't even bother. He probably has a girlfriend anyway.
Dont care honestly.
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Appropriate amount of eye contact time is three seconds. No more no less.
STARE. For minutes straight, if they're really cute. I usually stop by the third time we make eye contact.
I'd treat them the same way I'd treat anyone else how walked in the room. Unless I liked their style/they had something of interest on them/they sat next to me I probably wouldn't mind them much attention.
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I don't even bother. He probably has a girlfriend anyway.

You changed my words. emotion_donotwant xd

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