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Obama or Mitt Romney?

Obama 0.7972972972973 79.7% [ 59 ]
Mitt Romney 0.2027027027027 20.3% [ 15 ]
Total Votes:[ 74 ]
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Neither. I can't stand either the democrats or republicans. At this point I don't know who I'll vote for.
I don't think I'm voting this year.

I am registered as a democrat and I voted for Obama when I turned eighteen, but I feel a lot differently now than I did four years ago. I don't think mine or anyone's vote really matters in the long run.
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I am not voting for anyone.
I am not voting for anyone.

I'm starting to lean that way as well.
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I am not voting for anyone.

I'm starting to lean that way as well.

I did not vote last time, either, but I made an accurate prediction Obama was going to win.
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I'm not old enough to vote, but the test said Mitt Romney was my best match. ******** Obama.
Obama has completely CRUSHED the economy. He makes Bush look like the best president ever. And of course Obama is a terrorist that wants to see the downfall of the country. Mitt...he's just another upper-class white guy who dosnt give a ******** about n***a's struggling. But still, he would even be a better prez than the naygar we've got.

******** IT! Ron Paul wins...at least in my mind o.o
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No, seriously. WTF is wrong with you idiots? neutral

I'd rather Obama come back again. Only because he is the lesser of the two idiots.
Besides. Mitt Romney is like...

Bestiality. That is all.

Did I mention that I didn't like Micky? Cause I don't. talk2hand
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User ImageIf Obama vetoes the bill that just recently passed the House then I will vote for him. If he doesn't then I don't really like either option so I haven't much of a reason to vote then.

What bill?

User ImageI think its called CISCA or CISCO but its SOPA mark two except its under the guise of national security.

I'm voting this chick

User Image
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Not voting for anyone
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Obama, I prefer moderates. He's the lesser idiot.
Basically this.

It's either a moderate or a radical. That's what it's fallen down to.
I like a few things about Ron Paul but all the crazy s**t about him ruins his chances for me.
I'm loving for, like, Paris Hilton, cuz she's so hot
My best match is the lady from the Green Party at 82%. Second is Obama at 70%. Mitt Romney is not looking too promising at a whopping 39%.

I don't think I'll vote though. ******** politics.

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