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I agree with the others...
Sounds like you were either being too rough or you are allergic to latex.

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I had a UTI a week ago.
It huuurrrt.
I bled when I peed, it burnt, and I had back cramps.
I peed like every 10 minutes. -_-
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It sounds like an allergic reaction. I had a similar problem when I used a particular kind of soap. Once I noticed the pattern, I stopped using it and I haven't had a problem since.

So I agree, it sounds like a latex allergy.
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Uhm, I'm not sure if I have one, it just might be swelling from sex?
Not sure though, I've tried looking on google and yahoo.

I have a bit of swelling on my right lay-biea... idk how to spell it, sorry! Dx
It happened right after I sex sex with my boyfriend, this has happened before, but not to this degree.
Him and I haven't had sex in a wile, and we where being kinda rough.
It is very sore, and hurts to walk and sit.
And it hurts to pee. :c

Please help!
Like I said, it has happened before, but not to this degree of swelling.

it is probably due to having sex and your just swollen...give it a day or two.

Ya, I'd have to agree with others....This does not sound like a UTI, I would know from my past experiences. I would say that you are either allergic to latex, or tore something while having sex. If your still in pain tomorrow I would advice scheduling an appointment for the gynecologist.
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Thanks everyone!

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