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It does not matter if it was a high fall or not. Contrary to popular belief, cats are more likely to be injured in a short fall than a high one. This is because short distance doesn't always allow a cat to turn properly in time and land, while I long fall does. Your cat is sneezing blood, and as soon as possible, it needs to be seen by a vet. For now, keep it comfortable and monitor it. If you can, try contacting your parents.

The reality of the situation is that we don't know what's wrong with your cat. : ( It could be nothing, it could be serious.
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CALL the vet- they can give advice over the phone or come and get you if it is urgent.
EDIT- To all the people critiicising other posters for not being REASSURING- reassurance isn't as important as making sure the animal doesn't die. :/
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You need to go get a neighbor or call a relative, and find an emergency vet here: http://www.1888pets911.org/services/emergency/

The kitten could have something wrong in its brain, sinuses, bone structure, etc that is causing the bleeding.

It needs a vet, immediately.
If you DON'T take it, it could be considered animal abuse.

Also, your parents should not leave kids alone who cannot drive. What if it was one of you falling off a railing and you needed a hospital?

You always jump to the worst conclusion don't you?

None of us here are vets, and even if we were, we don't have the animal in front of us to examine. It's ALWAYS best to call the vet, no matter what, when your animal is exhibiting strange symptoms (like sneezing blood) after a possible accident that could result in injury. It's not really a lost cause even if the animal has a busted nose, because that STILL should be checked out.

It could be nothing, it could be something, like the previous poster suggested. Especially from short heights, it is much, much easier for a feline to injure itself when it can't land on all fours.

Well here we go. I'm NOT a vet, but I AM going to school to become one. I worked as an internship at a general small animal clinic for a year and interned at an emergency animal clinic for a half a year. I've competed in professional veterinary assisting events.

Take. Your. Cat. To. The. Vet.

High-rise syndrome is a condition most commonly occurring in urban settings. It is most common in cats, but can also occur in dogs. Cats will often fall with legs in a down position, with neck and chin towards the ground.

- Fractures or dislocations of limbs
- Split lips
- Broken teeth
- Jaw fractures
- Split in the roof of the mouth
- Shock and internal injuries may also occur

- Check the ABCs of CPR; administer CPR as needed. TAKE NOTE -- take particular care when opening the mouth because there may be a chance that the animal has a serious jaw fracture.
- Control any bleeding.
- Check for shock.
- If emergency invervention is not needed on the site, transfer the animal to an animal clinic IMMEDIATELY.
- Transport should take into the account of the animal's injury (a box or cat carrier is best).
Get the cat to a vet. Even if nothing is wrong, you need to be sure. Your kitten is sneezing blood! Go to a nneighbor or call somebody who can drive like a friend.
First of all, it's not your fault and even the fact that you have come here seeking advice shows that you are responsible, so try not to feel guilty. Now as for your cat, it should be taken to a vet. It could just be a simple nose bleed, as other's have suggested, but it's best to be sure that nothing's wrong just in case. You should call your parents now even if it's just to update them on the situation. It doesn't sound too bad to me, but I still think the cat should see a vet.
The only thing you can do is call the vet. Even if it's nothing, it still may a good idea to have the cat checked out. better safe then sorry.

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