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There's nothing more you can do. Just wait it out and see what happens. If a few months pass and she hasn't gotten back to you try making one last effort to reach her. If no response then you have your answer.

I see her at work and for the past two weeks I just treat her like a friend. Not intrusive but playful. I get her smiling and I don't text or talk to her outside of work. She smilies and laughs so maybe that is all I can do.

but why would a woman do this? And not like just be honest with me? Espcially since I told her I am pretty much straight forward and don't like to be strung around.

It's hard to say.. Maybe she already told you; she just needs space to figure things out, and the more she talks to you the more of a distraction you are.
The fact that she's nice to you at work means she doesn't want to be blatantly rude by ignoring you.. Does that make sense?

I can tell you that for me personally, if my ex talks to me I'll be nice and respond, but I never initiate a conversation because I prefer to forget about him. Yet I don't want to be rude and just ignore him. Maybe this girl's the same way?
No matter why she's doing this, I think you're doing all you can. Being nice to her when you see her but not pushing it. :]
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Well, this all sort of depends on you.. She was perfectly clear that she just needs some time and space. Give her a couple months like she asked for to work things out. Maybe send her a text every couple weeks just to let her know you're thinking about her. Sounds to me like she's interested but is really just caught up in something. I don't like to get people involved in my personal issues either, I worry it'll scare them off. That's probably what she's thinking.

But at the same time, you have every right to move on if you don't want to wait for her. Not everyone is willing to wait for months at a time on a relationship that's not even guaranteed, and that's perfectly fine if you don't want to.

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