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So, my mother was wrongfully convicted of a felony two months ago (And with all the injustice going around these days, who's surprised? I'm not) and begins house arrest at the end of next month on the 24th for 90 days. It's a summer to keep her busy while being inside. She loves movies and finding something on TV is no problem for her. But other than that?

*By the way, she has carpal tunnel so she can't do much with her hands without causing immense pain later in her arms and causing migraines. Thanks biggrin
Idea's so far..

Audio books
Garden direction
Having Guests over
Work out DVD, redecorate house, paint, read, listen to soundbooks, (if you have a garden and she's allowed to be outside in the garden, plant flowers, paint furniture, relax in the sun), read magazines, play games (introduce her to gaming :p), have guests, become a great cook, knit, sit on the pc, chat, join forums

Im sorry, that's all I could come up with right now gonk
Thanks for the idea's! She could listen to an audio book since she can't hold a book. And she can help direct my sister with the gardening. Having Guests is a good idea, she can't really cook anymore due to her hands and being a PC is hard too because of her hands.
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She can try meditating. No need to use your hands since you pretty much sit still, and it takes up a lot of time. It leaves you feeling very refreshed too.
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So...does that mean no masturbating? redface
Work out and read is what I would do and if possible have guests.
How about puzzles? Stock up on 1000-1500 piece puzzles, and she'll kill hours! If you and other people are around, how about board game nights?
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For entertaining company she could do potlucks "Group dinners where everyone brings a dish and hangs out."
My family and friends use to have them for holidays and for the fun of it. We'd even make up games, have a bonfire.. Stuff like that.. Sometimes even just have movie nights.

Also if she has the time and money. She could look into hosting pampered chef parties for her friends or something of that sort.

If you have the time to go out and do things for her. The public library normally has a wide selection of books on cassette. So maybe you could find out what kind of books she's into and see if they have any that sound like something she might be able to get into.
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Rent/Netflix/Hulu a TV series she likes. I spent... at least a week of my life watching Law and Order SVU all the way through. Don't get me started on Xena....

I am unsure do you have to stay in your house, or simply on your property on house arrest?
if I had to stay in the house,
i would clean the place up, because it is nice to have a clean place.
sell all that stuff That I never use on Ebay. Make some money and clean out unneeded things.
wright my senator/congressman bout things that concern me ( possibly about how easily people get convicted in the USA or how to get a conviction overturned )
Tutor students.
work as a virtual assistant ( a on line secretary )
learn to play the trumpet or violin ( your neighbors wont mind?)
gardening grow some of your own food.
fund raising for the democrats or the republicans, you get to call people all day and ask for money.
its actually fun.
cook, lots of on line recipes and cooking clubs.
listen to old time radio shows.
read war and peace. or any other Russian writers novels, they take for ever to read and you will feel better that you are not living in Russia.
play chess.
photograph and film your home arrest put it on line every day. become a Internet celebrity, blog about it film yourself blogging.
world of warcraft! ( never leave the house again. )
paint the house, thin the paint and d five coats.
gives it a very even surface.
games, like Taboo.
If she's artsy, and can use her hands okay, then I'd suggest a craft such as a scrapbook.
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Wii games are surprisingly disability-friendly. If you have a Wii, or can borrow one, there are a lot of engaging games out there. I don't know what kinds of crafts she'd be able to do, but a quick trip to the craft store should inspire you enough to get started. I'm sure the sales people will know some disability-friendly crafts, since a lot of elderly people craft after they're retired, and often have similar concerns with hands and detailed, small work. She could learn another language, if that's something she's interested in. Audio CDs are a good start, and you could put up index cards around the house that say what everything is in the new language (A friend of mine did this when she was learning Greek, and she said it really helped).
If I were her, I would take the summer as an opportunity to learn to do something new. I don't know what would be her thing and what kinds of things she could do with her hands, but she could always learn to cook amazing food, try Rosetta software to learn a new language, learn an awesome yoga routine, try reading some classics or doing something she's always wanted to do, but never had the time.
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Doing stuff around the house will get her mind off things. Talking to friends, and family during the day. Watching tv etc.

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